Fall In Love With Your Voice

Fall In Love With Your Voice: Vocal Affirmations For Singers By Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

Dear singers or musicians: FALL in love with your voice + dream bigger with these autumn affirmations you may desire to post on your mirror to inspire your transformation this season!

This month I'm asking every singer who studies with me to write what they love about their voice. And now it's your turn because what you think about, you bring about!

Success has nothing to do with talent or what YOU or other people have told you in the past...it has everything to do with what you believe right NOW!

If you hear a voice within say ‘You cannot do this singing or music industry thing” and you want to silence it...DO NOT believe it! It’s just not true!

Singing is a skill, and just like accounting it can be developed. Singing for a living is entrepreneurship, and just like any e-commerce business, you’re selling music, tix and merch!

You’re actually in control of your destiny when you believe in your vision wholeheartedly and take action.


Here’s the 1st step: Less criticism, more HEART.

AFFIRMING that your voice is a gift will make or break your efforts.

Spend a few minutes and write down 5 affirmations. Say them out loud daily. Carry these with you in your phone and put them on your mirrors.

1. I am so grateful now that I LOVE myself and my voice. I am perfect just the way that I am

2. I am so happy now that I honor my BIG purpose and commitments to myself and creativity every day

3. I am so grateful my voice is open, balanced and powerful in every note I sing

4. I am so thrilled my voice is a wonderful expression of who I am and everything in my heart

5. I am so grateful my high notes are effortless and ringing

QUESTION: What’s the number one thing or affirmation that helps you stay focused on your dream?

I know what it’s like to deny your dream or think: Someday I’ll sing more. Someday I’ll perform on stage. Someday I’ll write + record the songs in my heart!

But what if someday was actually today? Let us not waste more time pondering the past! If you want help, let’s dive deeper and work together. Learn more about my 1:1 online mentorship programs here.