The Power Of Your Heart's Desire

“I saw HER on stage and I just had this feeling. I think too many aspiring singers forget the power of their heart's desire and leaning into it,” I said today to a new client who just left her computer software job to do music full-time.

We're already planning her live show for next spring, stacking her calendar with rehearsals, songwriting and spending time in the studio making music love.

I continued, “One of the best things I've learned lately is to earnestly desire and expect things we want in our heart NOW. Not fills our minds with doubt/fear thoughts that only force us to wait to be happier and take action.” Do you do that too?

Jen Sincero says, "Desire literally means DE SIRE, "of the father" (Or Spirit, Universe, God, Source, Love). And whether or not you believe in "SIRE", your desires were bestowed upon you when you became your earthly self, along with other distinctive you-type things like your face and your personality and your affinity for..." --for SINGING!

The Power Of Your Heart's Desire by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

And as a member of the human species, you are a part of nature and everything else in nature is provided with all it needs to carry out its desire to thrive and flourish, so why wouldn't you be?

All that matters is what's TRUE for you and following your intuition, your heart, is critical!

Then focusing your thoughts, feelings and actions towards that!! Because the mind is a magnet and attracts whatever we think about and are in harmony with.

Someone asked me what my crazy, sexy dream was and it is to debunk the starving artist MYTH -- and while, yes, I do think being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and finishing college is a great thing (I'm a UCLA school of music grad!), I am soo thankful that the TRUTH is that any artist can make their dreams come to life NOW!

I finished with, “So thank you for parting with your soul-sucking job and now believing that you are meant to keep growing and thriving in your singing career.” And we will do just that!

What are some of the awesome desires in your heart?