Define Your Microgenre

Do you have a single factor or moment that changed the game for you? I could list the amazing twists of fate, strokes of luck, God-given blessings that propelled my life to where it is today...

But the best thing to happen to me on this singing journey was an embarrassing moment at an audition that shook me into finally taking myself seriously, which suggested I make a decision.

The decision I made was to commit to finding my own unique artistic identity. To stop singing everything and hone in on my own niche!

If you want to become a great artist and have a lasting music career, you've got to know who you are, what your personality is and most importantly what (micro) genre of music best suits you.

There are 1000+ booming microgenres out there; where do you fit in?

How To Define Your Microgenre by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

ie: POP microgenres: Afropop, Bubblegum pop, Country pop, Dance pop, Eurobeat, Indie pop, K-pop, Operatic pop, Pop rock, Pop soul, Emo pop, Progressive pop, Psychedelic pop, Synthpop, Worldbeat pop.

ie: SOUL microgenre's: Blue-eyed soul, Deep soul, Detroit (Motown) soul, Hip-hop soul, P-funk, Neosoul, Memphis soul, Nu-jazz (soul-influenced electronica)

The more you nail your niche, the more you'll attract raving fans that LOVE your branded sound.

And the more you listen to and study the greats that came before you in your specific niche, the more you'll master your strengths and uniqueness within that genre.

Don't be a copycat or only sing what's hot right now. Be true and brand you!

What’s your microgenre?