How To Hit Your High Notes (Pt 1)

Singers can spend weeks, months and even years trying to learn how to sing high notes with ease, but still reap slow and unreliable results. 

Usually, the cause for this uphill battle is incorrect vocal technique buried under a mountain of fear.

The truth is, with good technique and a fearless mindset, anyone can confidently rock their high notes.

It is simpler than you think.

And that's why there's no such thing as "too high" here at I Heart My Voice. No matter which song you want to sing, we keep our vocal cords in extraordinary shape, our ears open to possibility and our hearts set on our accomplishing all of our dreams. 

So if you dream of being able to freely express yourself and belt out your high notes... 

Here are 4 vocal tips for ROCKIN' high notes:

How To Sing High Notes

How To Sing High Notes


1. Release tension and strain by speaking the lyrics on pitch in the most comfortable way you can before you sing. Singing should feel very similar to speaking. 

*Always keep your face, shoulders, neck and jaw relaxed.

2. Make space behind your face. You must anticipate a high note in advance by opening your mouth and lifting your soft palate before you sing. By creating space in advance, you can direct your sound to travel above your mouth where high notes can be amplified. 

*Yawning really helps with this. 

3. Think down for 360 breath support, instead of reaching up. As an elevator rises, it's supported by a weight that lowers to the ground. In a similar way, as your sound travels freely above your mouth, you must think down and make sure that 360 degrees around your rib cage and abdominal muscles are engaged.  

*Laugh out loud and you will feel your breathing support system engage in supporting you. Breath support should feel natural.

4. Get clear that you have nothing to fear! To unlock the mystery of singing high notes with ease, you have to take the mental pressure off trying to sound like someone else. Study your favorite singers, but embrace your unique sound in every moment. Don't compare your voice to studio-processed Grammy Award-winning recordings.

*Take a moment to reflect upon past experiences and people that may have made you feel intimidated in your past. Then, make the decision to let go of any intimidating thoughts that might be holding you back.

If you don't let your past beliefs, circumstances and choices define how you choose to sing today, you will find that sometimes fear is simply:

F.E.A.R. of Singing?

F.E.A.R. of Singing?

Superstars, singing high notes is simple, but not necessarily easy to do without proper technique, mental focus and a fiery confidence. 

And on this planet of nearly 8 billion people, there is no one who sounds like you out there. You have a special and unique gift to share.  

Be true, be you and don't stop believing that you can rock those high notes!

P.S. Have you tried the straw technique to reset and free your high notes (and low notes)?

Take it from Sam Smith, who just completely recuperated his voice the proper way after vocal surgery--this technique really works!

Strengthen your vocal cords in a healthy way by humming your exercises and songs through a straw or blowing into a straw that is placed in liquid. Learn more about straw technique here:   

The straw technique will save your voice!

The straw technique will save your voice!

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