How To Hit Your High Notes (Pt 2)

Want to sing high notes with POWER and EASE?  

All of us want to hit that "money" note because it sets us apart from the crowd and sounds incredibly impressive. Hitting our high notes also helps us express maturity in our performance. 

Only the best of the best know how to steal the show in vocal competitions like the Voice and X-Factor by rockin' their high notes! I know that my ability to sing a high C without straining is the most important vocal skill that had me touring the world as the champion of a number of international singing competitions in my youth.

You too can join the small group of elite singers that can access this top secret vocal weapon that will wow your audience every time.

So let's get right down to business: in order to add POWER and EASE to your upper range, first you must be able hit your high notes. To recap or if you missed last week's newsletter, click here to review:

How to Hit Your High Notes, Part 1

Artistic representation of your vocal anatomy

Artistic representation of your vocal anatomy

PART 2 of "How To Hit Your High Notes:

Close your eyes and pretend you are smelling a beautiful bouquet of roses. What you should feel is the air freely traveling through your nasal pharynx and into your diaphragm. Establishing this relaxed feeling behind your cheeks will help create an open pathway for your sound to travel and reverberate. 

Imagine an invisible ball in the back of your throat. Let the jaw and larynx drop, lift your soft palate and let the tongue fall forward as you keep your throat open. You will block your resonance if you do not open this space every single time you sing high notes.

Our lower notes vibrate more in our mouth and chest; very similar to how it feels when we speak. But to sing high with POWER and EASE, you have to guide your sound to travel above your mouth and into the front of your face.

The area behind your cheeks and nose is called your vocal mask. Visualize and then direct an arrow of sound to the vocal mask and BAM!!!--your sound will be bouncing off the walls of your face and head with impressive power and ease! 

As you probably know, babies can cry for hours at LOUD volumes and never lose their voice. Babies are naturally able to create a clear and connected "cry" or "baby belt" using proper breath support and breath pressure. 

In contrast, strained and breathy voices are not only unnatural and uncomfortable to listen to, but this way of singing also builds tension in the throat, which can only lead to detrimental results that will have you singing flat, off-pitch and breathy, and it can seriously damage your voice!

Your authentic sound should always be clear and connected. Take a moment and give me your best baby cry! Notice the POWER and EASE you can create. 

Singers, these tips are useless if you don't sing everyday with the intention to use these tips to improve your range.  

So take a moment and try singing your favorite song while applying these simple, yet effective vocal techniques NOW.

Be willing to approach singing with a beginner's mindset. in other words, approach your vocal practice like a baby experiencing the world for the first time. Make singing exciting and new. Don't judge what you sound like!

Be willing to sound ugly and loud--have some fun and give yourself permission to be a cry baby! 

Commit yourself to taking your vocals to the next level!

Commit yourself to taking your vocals to the next level!

P.S. If you want to learn how to sing high notes with more POWER and EASE, or if you have developed bad habits, I strongly recommend that you take some time to focus on proper technique.

I know all too well what it feels like to be inconsistent with your voice and further, to develop bad habits that make singing feel like a chore. It is impossible to develop muscular coordination and strength when you lack proper technique and daily practice.

When we try to develop our voices without a coach, it is easy to take a few days off and sometimes even fall off the horse for months. If you are serious about taking your vocals to the next level and are ready to commit a minimum of 30 days of daily practice and vocal transformation, then apply to work with me 1:1 here at my studio in Los Angeles, CA or via Skype. 

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