You see yourself on stage in the spotlight, as you step up to the mic and effortlessly sing every note as the crowd goes wild. 

And buried underneath all the confusing technical singing tutorials and exercises you practice, you hold on to the hope that your superstar-worthy performance is right around the corner, and you are meant to sing songs that let your voice shine. 

But right now that's just not your reality.

Right now you're binge-watching free singing tips on YouTube, searching the internet looking for answers to make your voice stronger, and you just want to know what's really true.

You try your very best to hit your high notes, but then your voice cracks with tension, and you don't know how to fix it. 



My name is Roxie Francis, and I'm a Vocal Coach for passionate singers who want to love their voice, overcome their challenges, and live their dreams!

About Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

As a vocal coach who for 15 years has worked with Billboard chart-topping artists, Grammy Award-winners, stars of Nickelodeon & YouTube, I help passionate singers like you:

-Love their voice

-Overcome their technical challenges & performance fears

-And live their dream to sing, record and perform!

I believe that everyone has the ability to sing...the real challenge is finding your unique voice, loving it, and sharing it.

Because when you love your authentic voice, you will be able to share your message, sing with freedom, and attract raving fans.

When you work with me you'll gain access to everything I know about singing, recording and performing. As we work together, I'll inspire you to develop your own sound, challenge your vocal ability, and give you as much tough love feedback as you need to be the kind of singer I know you're capable of becoming.

By the time our work together is done, you'll know your voice inside out, be able to sing in a way that captures people's attention, and have a ton of singing techniques and strategies to choose from so you'll never feel intimidated by a song ever again.

 If you're ready to love your voice, let's schedule your first vocal intro session now!


About Roxie

Roxie's Bio

For over a decade Roxie has developed the voices of Billboard chart-topping artists, Emmy Award-winning singers, stars of Nickelodeon, Fox and NBC singing shows, YouTube stars, major record label artists, & American Idol finalists. Roxie has developed broadcast-ready studio recordings that have led to major record contracts, starring roles on major TV singing shows and viral YouTube videos. Roxie trained Emmy Award-winning Victoria Justice and created her demo that landed her the lead role in Nickelodeon's singing show "Victorious". Roxie has also trained Vic Mensa (Sia, Kanye West), and Jasmine Villegas (Sony), & Paul Butcher from ("Zoey 101").

Roxie graduated from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Roxie is also a certified life coach in affiliation with the global International Coach Federation (ICF), and a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). Roxie has studied with over 20 of the top Hollywood celebrity coaches in LA. 

Roxie Francis founded I Heart My Voice (IHMV) to share the exact techniques and coaching that has transformed the voices of the many successful singers she has worked with. Roxie's mission is to help vocalists break through barriers to develop vocal freedom, power and confidence to fully express themselves and go after their biggest dreams.

About Roxie Francis

Roxie has helped me increase my range and safely belt. She has helped me control my voice, fine tune it, and keep it healthy. My voice would not be where it is today without her.

Roxie is the most caring, professional, and beneficial vocal teacher I have ever encountered.
— Paul Butcher

I was trying to find a vocal coach for a long time and finally I did! I consider this as a victory!

Roxie helped me overcome my fears and expand my range. We worked on everything; breathing, mixed voice, belting and audition techniques.

At I Heart My Voice every class is professionally organized with a unique approach to every students needs. I would recommend Roxie to people who need a personal vocal coach to find their voice, confidence and happiness.
— Raya Ferguson