Picture this...

You see yourself on stage in the spotlight. Your voice is in the best shape of your life, and when you step up to rock the mic, the crowd goes wild!

You've written and recorded songs that showcase your uniquely awesome sound, style and brand!

And most importantly, you're thrilled every day to be following your heart because you've always known you were meant for something big.

After a decade of helping hundreds of people overcome their singing challenges, define their vocal brand and fall in love with their voice, I feel like I already know you pretty well...

  • Truth: your BIG dreams in the spotlight are possible--but not if no one knows you're a singer!

  • You're spending your time helping others achieve their dreams, or you're working an unfulfilling job, and can't seem to find the time for yours.

  • When you finally make time to push yourself forward, you feel that your talent is being 99% untapped and despite your best intentions, you’re not really making progress. 

  • You want to know how music works so you can write the songs inside you that are waiting to be written.

  • You've always wanted to record your voice; or you're ready now to do what it takes to have extraordinary recordings of your voice that you love.


If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place!


In fact, this is the story of practically every aspiring singer I've ever worked with.

As a singer myself, I get it, I really do. 

Your dream is to sing, become a star, and do whatever it takes to get there.

You've spent years holding this vision, all while trying to listen to what everybody else says is best for you. You do whatever it takes to please everyone--except yourself. 

And because of that, you've gotten used to prioritizing your boss', parents', or friends' wants ahead of your artistic needs, like writing songs, recording, and most importantly, singing your heart out!

But living in the shadows of your superstar potential and forgoing daily action on your dream does not equal success.

Not even close. 

The truth is, when you're artistically deprived, under-adored, and not following your heart's true calling to sing, you end up sacrificing your time and happiness for someone else's plan for you.

And when that happens?

Your flame starts to dim, along with your opportunities for success.



Hi, I'm Roxie Francis, a vocal coach and artist development mentor

who has dedicated my life to empowering singers to love their voice, build confidence, and live their dream to sing, record and perform! I've worked with Billboard chart-topping artists, Grammy winners, and artists who have gone viral on YouTube. 

Hi, I'm Lucas Francis, a piano & songwriting coach + recording engineer  

with a Master's in Music from USC who helps singers write songs, play piano and make recordings they love. He has studied with world-renowned Grammy winners and performed with the biggest names in music, including John Legend, Sara Bareilles, and Stevie Wonder.



If you're just starting out, or starting over, and wondering if you can do this...we know that feeling. 


You've probably already challenged yourself to drop the excuses and take action on your career.

But despite your best intentions you've found yourself slipping back into old habits and the demands of your everyday life. And you just can't understand why.

Want to know what's missing?

Real accountability, artist development, and career strategies that work. 

And More Love. Always!!! 

When you know you're being held accountable for your daily actions, you'll be committed to making better choices that will help you take leaps towards your big dreams.

And when you commit to your singing dream and strategy for success, amazing things will start to happen in your voice, your career and your life.


Just imagine...


  • Showing up as the best version of yourself and taking action on your superstar dreams every day.

  • Being trained in everything it takes to make your desires happen and knowing exactly who you are as an artist.

  • Singing [higher, better, faster and stronger] with confidence in the studio, on stage, and on camera!

  • Having a solid foundation in piano and songwriting so you can write and record great songs forever.

  • Posting recordings you love online that share your uniquely awesome voice, brand and message. And getting REAL fans and love in return!

  • Feeling a fiery passion to be living your dream starting NOW and never having to wonder, "What if you had just given it a try...?"


But you only get these kind of results when...


you stop letting circumstances decide your destiny, and start getting the high-level mentorship and training you need to put your singing dream first. 





A one-of-a-kind artist development mentorship for singers with big dreams and no time to waste.

During this 90-day mentorship you'll learn how to activate your star power so you can confidently break into the industry!  

Similar to a record deal [back in the day] we will provide you a comprehensive suite of artist development training, where you will get a massive vocal upgrade, dive deep into your artistry and create your signature sound and brand.

Learn how to write songs, play piano, and record at our in-house recording studio--so you can be heard, be noticed and make an impact with your voice and your story!

Kickstart your program with a VIP Intensive so you'll be able to take daily action on your BIG vision with winning strategies, expert accountability, and an action plan, starting now!



Here's What's Included In Your 90-Day Mentorship:


  • 10 weekly 3-hour sessions, each consisting of 90-minute sessions with Roxie and 90-minute sessions with Lucas so you get the full array of training used by record labels to create a fulfilling and successful career! In the 1st part of each session, you will receive vocal coaching, artist development and branding from Roxie. In the 2nd part, get songwriting, piano and recording with Lucas!

  • 10 Recording Hours At IHMV Studios with Lucas and/or Roxie present to coach you in the booth! Click here to learn more about our recording process.

  • A superstar welcome packet to get clear on the singing and artistic goals you'd like to achieve during our time together. Kickstart your program by examining how you use and schedule your time. We will look for opportunities to bring music into your life with a personalized step-by-step plan to build serious momentum!

  • Artist resources, reading materials and assignments so you can get into peak performance shape with a variety of industry standard vocal techniques, ear training, and songwriting assignments! Get clear on who you need to become to be the capable and fearless singer who makes it happen. You will also receive branding and career strategies to build your fanbase and stand out from the crowd as a powerful, independent artist who is expanding your brand, message and visibility.

  • Caring accountability and email support with weekly check-ins using Google Drive to give your dream the feedback, & support it deserves! Plus direct access to Roxie and Lucas via email and text so you never get stuck!



The Superstar Program Gives You Everything You Need To:


Receive elite personal attention and expert guidance from two highly experienced music mentors who will coach you to execute on your biggest dreams. 

Work out your voice every day and get in peak performance shape.

Deepen your artistry and creativity through intense songwriting, piano training, and recording experience.

Get a Superstar makeover so you sound, look, act and feel like the star that you are. Put yourself in the game with your uniquely awesome voice, style, brand, and recordings! 

Improve your quality of life to optimize your energy, focus, physical and emotional resilience towards unlimited success. 

Fully assume your destiny as a powerful unique singer, artist and superstar who makes a difference in the hearts of many.

Stand out as the unique artist and brand that you are, never being envious of others and thoroughly loving your voice, life and career!

Write Your Own Songs with a deep understanding of songwriting craft and music theory in your signature style!



Why We Created This Program...

After coaching hundreds of singers for the last decade, a recurring challenge kept coming up, which was that to really break into the industry, singers needed more than just vocal coaching.

They needed to know how to write songs, which meant knowing how to play piano. They also needed to be able to record songs. And once they recorded songs, they needed to know what to how share and promote them to build a fanbase.

But to get the training and knowledge in these areas, these singers had to invest in several coaches and studios, and build up their skills one at a time to even finish 1 song, which often took months--sometimes years!

And so often, singers would get vocal coaching to record a song, but run out of funds to pay for the recording session. By the time they had saved up enough to record the song...they were no longer in peak singing shape!    

We realized how helpful it would be to create an innovative program that would give singers everything they need--all at once--and for a single investment.

And so The Superstar Program was born to remove all the roadblocks in the music industry between you and your singing dream!

We also created this program because after coaching stars like Victoria Justice and Vic Mensa before and during their rise to fame, we noticed that successful people have a Superstar team that assists them every step of the way. They have mentors that help keep them track and in the fast lane. 

With LOVE and expert guidance surrounding you, you can live in the spotlight of your life and embrace your full potential.

We are committed to you following your heart and living your BIG dreams! 

This program is designed to hold you accountable to setting and achieving your goals; without needing for it to take years and countless thousands of hours and dollars, and all the unnecessary mistakes along the way!

At the heart of The Superstar program is the desire to empower you with training, tools, and techniques you need for a successful voice, career and life! After over a decade of working 1:1 with new and superstar clients, we want to show you how to make the impact you were meant for.

No other program in LA offers this comprehensive suite of intensive training under a single program, or with the mentorship of two coaches.

The next closest thing to this level of coaching is a record deal!

By the time our work together is done, you'll be able to live your singing dream every day and leap towards your career goals with freedom, clarity, and confidence!



Companies We've Worked With + The Superstars (Just Like You) That We've Helped Break Into The Industry...

Labels Grey Rectangle, 4-4-18 (1).png

Victoria Justice
Victorious, Nickelodeon

Vic Mensa
Def Jam Recordings

Paul Butcher
Nickelodeon (Zoey 101), YouTube

Jasmine Villegas
Interscope Records

The Aces
Red Bull Records

Modest Management (One Direction, Niall Horan, Little Mix)

Indie Touring Artist


Your singing career doesn't need to wait on hold. With The Superstar Program, we'll show you that you can have it all, starting now!


We designed this program so you can get access to all the guidance training, tools, tips and accountability you need without having to make any other high-ticket investments.

With the dedicated mentorship of 2 coaches in a weekly VIP intensive setting, you will get the experience and benefit that label artists receive from having multiple experts in different industry fields giving you their undivided attention and expertise to help you leap forward every week for 90-days! 

This is the only program in Los Angeles like this that offers vocal coaching, songwriting, piano, and studio recording in one combined program!

With The Superstar Program, you won't need to invest thousands on studio time, songwriting theory, or piano training.

You won't need to juggle competing and conflicting advice from coaches who have never met each other.

And you won't have to navigate the time-consuming trial and error that goes along with navigating your singing career alone.

All you need to do is show up, be willing to implement the guidance we give you, and you'll start to see major changes in your singing, artistry and life right away.

To guarantee that we provide you the highest level of support required to help you create lasting transformation in your singing career, we only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

If you'd like to know more about how The Superstar Program could help you take your singing, artistry and career to the next level, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at to get in touch or set up an intro session!

If you're ready to start living your singing dream today, click the button below to enroll!


MKT version of coaching page program photos (13).png


Once you sign up, we will email you within 24 hours to schedule your first session so you can get started right away! We will also send you a welcome packet and orientation materials for you to complete before we begin our work together.





$1500 down payment +
4 monthly payments of $1250






VIP Intensive with Roxie & Lucas
Kickstart your program with a brainstorm, a breakthrough + a bold action plan
($500 value)




Get 10 Studio Recording Hours Included In Your Program

When you sign up for The Superstar, you also receive 10 studio recording hours at IHMV Studios! 

Finish your program with a recording of you singing your fav song! Gain courage and invaluable experience so that you can really enjoy the studio process and sound extraordinary! Here is your chance to shine in our nurturing, educational recording studio with Roxie and Lucas Francis to coach you through every word and every phrase so you sound your very best!

Many singers spend thousands of dollars on singing lessons, and yet never make recordings of themselves. Some singers try to make great recordings without enough support and guidance, but too often end up with a product they are not proud of. 

At IHMV Studios we care about capturing your voice and artistry at the highest level and we love making recordings that you are proud of. We want all the time you've invested in practicing to have a huge return on investment by creating this opportunity.

Nothing takes the place of studio time with your coach, while you are in the middle of a transformative vocal coaching program!

Recording at IHMV will show you how to deliver pro vocals the same exact way we have helped superstars like Victoria Justice record demos that got them placed on network singing shows like Victorious! And the way we’ve helped numerous YouTube stars record songs that hit over a million views! 

Ready to fall in love with a recording of your voice? It is time to build your confidence and uplevel your voice in every way!



Listen To Songs Created By Singers At IHMV Studios

SOOOOOOOO exciting I recorded my first ever full cover + video and mannnnnnn what a stepping stone. God put this dream in my heart and I’ve always ignored it and didn’t believe in myself but I can’t preach for you to follow your dreams if I’m not fully following mine. So this year I said to myself it was the year of no fear and I’m going to go for it. I randomly came across @iheartmyvoice on IG and man am I thankful for Roxie. She helped me believe in myself and gave me courage to let my voice out. Thank you for your continuous support in everything I do and unconditional love you pushed me to go further and make sure I’m living up to what I say! I love you.
— Nizhoni, Social Media Star

Working at IHMV was healing and greatly encouraging while simultaneously being exponentially beneficial. I have always felt comfortable with Roxie and know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without her. I am eternally grateful for everything she has done for me and my singing career. Thank you thank you thank you!
— Paul Butcher, Nickelodeon (Zoey 101), Viral YouTube Star


This helped me gain confidence in my abilities and I’m now have the confidence to say that singing is a part of my artistry and who I am. Here is my video to my first recorded cover; hope you enjoy!
— Cristina Florez


Our Process For Your Recording

Phase One: 2.5 hours of recording and editing with Roxie and Lucas
Get vocal coaching, guidance and recording techniques to step up to the mic with authenticity and confidence! You will also receive vocal coaching to warm up your voice and practice your song with Roxie if needed to dive deep into your specific challenging sections and drill the peak moments that bring out your strengths! After we record your song, we will pick your best takes and create one incredible vocal track you love! 

Phase Two: 2.5 hours of fine-tuning and mixing with Roxie and Lucas
We use industry-standard Melodyne software to hand-tune your vocals to flawless, yet totally authentic pitch! Rhythm and vibrato can also be adjusted so you love your sound on every single note! We will add effects to your voice, then mix and master your song to professional demo quality! You are welcome to stay for this process, or we can do it for you! 

*Recording time may vary depending on your skill level and desire for perfection. For additional fine-tuning and mixing with Lucas only, each additional hour is billed at our standard rate of $120 hour.

You Receive:

5 Hours of Recording Engineering with Lucas

5 hours of In-Studio Vocal Coaching with Roxie

10 Studio Recording Hours with Lucas + Roxie: $1000 Total 
($250 savings!) 




Travel To Los Angeles + IHMV Studios To Record and Film

laxcw-exterior-0001-hor-feat (1).jpg

Join us in Los Angeles to record! IHMV Studios is located within walking distance from the Woodland Hills Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Los Angeles. We're also walking distance from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and some of the best hip nightlife, restaurants and live music on Ventura Blvd, like HQ, El Tejano, Gasolina Cafe, Paoli's and more!

Make your travel plans today and head on over to spend the day or weekend with us! We can't wait to meet you! Just click here to arrange your stay.



Topics You Can Choose From To Personalize Your Program...



Breath + Tonal Control
Discover Your Mix Voice
Extend Your Range
Pitch, Rhythm + Phrasing
Style, Riffing + Vibrato
Mic Technique + Choreography
Audition + Performance Strategies
Create Your Action Plan
Practice Routine + Consistency
Confidence + Rockstar Affirmations

Eliminate Breaks & Cracks
Hit Your High Notes With Ease
Belting In A Healthy Way
Pitch-Perfect Sight Singing
Release Tension + Strain
Removing Bad Habits
Vocal Health + Repair
Captivate Your Audience With Emotion

Your Unique Image + Brand
Find Your Authentic Voice
Study Your Favorite Influences
Master Songs That Showcase You
Expand Your Songbook

Piano Technique + Pop Style
Understand How Music Works
Songwriting 101: Melodies, Chords, Form
Chord Progressions + Harmony
Feel Confident Working With Pro Musicians

Photography + Videography
Online Marketing + Social Media
Crowdfunding + Releasing
Find Your Niche + Build Your Fanbase
How To Break Into The Industry
Network Like A Boss + Get Gigs

Discover Your Big Why + Goals
Systems + Structures For Success
Breaking Through Creative Blocks
Overcome Fear + Procrastination
Confidence + Rockstar Affirmations
Develop A Winning Mindset
Cultivate Powerful Visualization Habits

Studio Basics
Preparing To Record
The Recording Process
Producing Your Own Songs
Vocal Comping, Tuning + Mixing



A Deeper Glimpse Into Our Sample Program Timeline:


Step into your BIG vision! Receive success mentoring that develop your mindset of becoming a successful singer who consistently rehearses every day for 3 hours! Map out a strategy to implement your singing, songwriting and recording goals over the next 90 days. Get in peak performance shape while mastering advanced techniques and overcoming your specific vocal challenges. Design your superstar brand and get your creative juices flowing with artist dates and morning pages. Get your piano game up and running with top techniques combined with scales, chords, and learning how to play the melody to your songs! 

Develop the mindset of a recording artist: learn the classic recording techniques to make recordings you love! Learn how to accompany yourself to any song on piano, and get the basics of great songwriting in terms of chords, melodies and lyrics! Step up to the mic and sing your heart out like the superstar you are meant to be! Set up all of your online structures necessary to grow your fanbase and singing success! 

Step into the spotlight and create your superstar artist brand for raving fans! Find out what it takes to create a fanbase of thousands! Learn how to become extremely visible online. Implement a marketing strategy into your daily life & execute it with a no-excuses policy. Write your original song and piano part! Perfect your song and your performance of it, then record your song! 



The Superstar Program Is For Singers Who...


  • Are willing to commit to 15+ hours a week of personal study; rehearsing, creating, and all things music!

  • Are ready to get in the best vocal shape of their life and discover their unique WOW Factor!

  • Want to create superstar-worthy recordings, videos, photos & live performances!

  • Want to GO BIG with a rockstar brand and an online presence that truly reflects who they are!

  • Are ready to design an action plan & commit to do what they came here to do, no matter what!

  • Desire to be mentored & receive systems & structures to fast-track their success!

  • Are ready to dominate their unique musical niche and to sing on the world stage!

  • Can no longer settle for an ordinary life of denying their voice & message!

  • Are ready for greater confidence & want to express themselves fully!





Once you sign up, we will email you within 24 hours to schedule your first session so you can get started right away!





$1500 down payment +
4 monthly payments of $1250






VIP Intensive with Roxie & Lucas
Kickstart your program with a brainstorm, a breakthrough + a bold action plan
($500 value)




Discover The Possibilities Of Getting Started Right Away...


I first came to I Heart My Voice @iheartmyvoice, trying to find a beginning to my singing career. I didn’t know how to properly train my voice or even where to start when it came to marketing. I felt very lost but committed. Roxie was the first and only choice to me because I just knew and felt that she could steer me in the right direction. She was so nurturing to me as an artist and genuinely cared about me and my talent and I couldn’t have wanted anyone better.

Lucas, on the other hand, is the most supportive person in the planet and is such an amazing soul. He is amazing at what he does as a sound engineer and piano/songwriting coach. He has taught me so many things as a pianist and as a songwriter. He has really prepared me for the real world.

This duo has made my year so memorable and amazing and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love them to death. And I’m appreciative of everything they’ve done. Thank you!
— Regine Mabel, Singer, Songwriter, Actress


IHMV helps produce the best out of an artist. Roxie intuitively felt what my needs were and is also a great vocalist herself. I’m so proud to say I studied at your amazing studio! Your students should see the amazing result of your training...I’m attaching my X-Factor video!
— Hayla, Singer, Billboard Top 20 Artist & X Factor, Israel Watch Hayla on X Factor


Got Q's? We're Here For You!


If you have questions or are wanting to explore whether this coaching program and working with me is right for you, send me an email or sign up for your Intro Consult here!



Are You Ready To Create Your Dream Voice + Superstar Life?


IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR, you're likely weighing whether joining The Superstar Mentorship Program is the right choice for you. 

Before you decide, ask yourself...

What would it be like to leap out of bed every morning, with the joy and gratitude of knowing that what you were doing was your living your dream to sing?

What if instead of feeling trapped, stifled, or undervalued in your singing, career or could know that you were using your talents, abilities and brilliance to their fullest, while being in full and sole control of your own voice, artistry and career? What if you could sing your heart out with freedom and confidence and share your voice with raving fans?

You are standing on sacred ground.

If you are reading this now, this is your moment to create a huge positive transformation in the lives of others--and in your own. 

You may seize it today, or not. The choice is 100% yours. But you can never again say that you were not given the opportunity to live YOUR dream to sing. We'd love to welcome you into The Superstar Program and have you be a part of this innovative mentorship....

Who you will become in this process of this superstar makeover of a lifetime is priceless...all while being given the tools for creating more singing and success for yourself, making a bigger difference in the world, and stepping into the role of exactly who you truly are meant to be.

Much love,
Roxie Francis

P.S. If you're letting thoughts of "Who am I to do this?" or "I'm too young", "I'm too old" or "I'm not good enough " to hold you back from saying yes to YOU... I want to ask you: Who are YOU saying NO to, WHO is out there waiting and HOW many more dreams will you push aside while waiting for a "perfect time" to start?

When you join the The Superstar Program, you get to start TODAY, RIGHT NOW. You get to be fully yourself, in a safe, supportive environment of coaches and musicians where your unique gifts and voice is honored and celebrated. The rewards of being a member of this mentorship are too many to number and just waiting to be discovered. Go ahead...take a stand for YOU and your singing destiny. Click the button and I'll see you in The Superstar Program.