I Heart Music Program with Lucas Francis at I Heart My voice

Write your own songs, play piano, create with music software, and understand how music works!

Our 90-Day I Heart Music Program gives you the industry's leading tools, technique and expert knowledge to leap into the world of creative music-making and artistry.


Being a singer is great but you'll need more than an amazing voice to write great songs.

You want to be recognized for your songs, be respected as an artist, and live your big dream of a musical life.

You want to know how music works, master the science of songwriting, create freely with music software, and prove to everyone that you're more than just another bedroom singer uploading covers to IG. 

But more than anything, you just want to make music you love.



After working with singers and musicians for 15 years to give them the tools they need to create the music they hear in their head, I feel like I already know you pretty well:

  • You've spent years developing your voice, but still wonder what chords are and how to put together a killer verse and chorus.

  • From the moment you wake up until you fall asleep, you hear positively AMAZING music in your head, but have no idea how to get it onto the piano or tell a producer or musicians how to play it.

  • You spend around 95% of your time singing other people's songs, and only occasionally trying to hum or sing a little of your ideas when inspiration strikes.

  • You climb into bed at night wishing you were getting more out of your superstar dream each day

  • You've got a few melodies recorded on your phone, and scattered lyric ideas written everywhere from post-its to texts sent to yourself.

  • You'd absolutely love to take your ideas and put them into a finished song you can record, perform and share online, but you just don't know how

  • Even when you're sleeping, you're constantly thinking (and dreaming) of great song ideas.

If this sounds like the story of the creative side of your singing life, you’re in the right place.

In fact, this is the before story of practically every successful artist I’ve ever worked with.

As an artist myself, I get it, really I do.

You've spent your time focusing on your voice and developing it so you can sing cover songs well and share them online. 

And because you don't yet have the tools of songwriting and piano at your fingertips, you've gotten used to giving all your time to the area you know best--your voice.

But simply having a uniquely awesome voice, style and online image doesn’t equal creative, artistic success.

The truth is, when you don't know chords, key signatures, and the science of songwriting, all kinds of obstacles (large and small) in your singing journey appear as if from nowhere. 

And when you are truly going after your superstar singing dreams, you simply cannot afford to not have a strong foundation in music theory and songwriting. 


Because your biggest vision and goals will be permanently held off from where you're at now.  



I'm Lucas Francis, and I work with creatively driven singers like you, who want to sing, record, produce and perform their own music by learning the fundamentals of music and artistry.

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Let's be real here - you and I both know that your current knowledge of music and songwriting isn't serving you or your artistic dreams any favors.

You've probably already challenged yourself multiple times to watch YouTube guides, download eBook freebies, and attend a class on music theory. 

But despite your best intentions, the info just hasn't stuck, and you've found yourself reluctantly letting your songwriting ideas gather digital dust on your phone.

And you just can't understand why you're still in the same place.

Want to know what’s missing?

Accountability, the industry's best songwriting tools, and the fast pass through all that music theory stuff--all in one place. 

When you know that you'll be held accountable to master all the musical tools for a great life of creative music-making, you'll be committed and empowered to make that leap forward in your art.  



Just imagine....

  • Knowing with absolute clarity how music works--the chords, the key signatures, the rhythms--all of it.

  • Having all the tools of great songwriting at your disposal to take the random parts of melodies and lyrics in your head and turn them into completed songs.

  • Using the science of songwriting to consistently and efficiently churn out song after song, and know how to write a hit when you feel like it!

  • Creating and recording your own tracks in GarageBand or Logic Pro X and sharing them with the world.

  • Know how to create at any time without waiting for inspiration to strike, and how to get in touch with your deepest truths and emotions and put them in your songs.

  • Being able to sit down at a piano and create music from a place of confidence and knowledge, rather than guessing and confusion.

  • Being instantly able to play the chords on piano to any cover song in the world.

  • Backing yourself up on piano on your originals and covers, whether in videos or recordings you share online or performing shows live with a band or even just by yourself!

  • Living as a creative artist who writes, sings, records and performs the music you've made and love.

  • Waking up every day knowing you can create meaningful, powerful music that captures your message for you to share with the world.

  • Having a raving fanbase who knows the real you - and absolutely loves you for it.

  • Feeling confident and lit on fire that you have what you need now to go after your biggest superstar singing dreams and live an amazing life of creative music-making and artistry--with nothing to hold you back.

You can do all of this...but you can only get these kind of results when you take action on your music the same way you've taken action on your voice.



Introducing our I Heart Music Program

I Heart Music 90-day coaching program at I Heart My Voice

A comprehensive training program of songwriting, music theory, piano and music production for driven superstars-in-the-making who have no time to waste.

During this mentorship program, you'll get the tools to complement that amazing voice of yours with songs and piano skills to last a lifetime.

I'll show you how songwriting, piano, music theory and music software work together so you can bring the music in your head into reality for everyone to hear. 

And I'll help hold you accountable as you get the training you need to truly transform your art and take your dream to the next level. 



Here’s what’s included in your 90-day coaching program:

  • 10 Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions to kickstart your musical journey, make weekly improvements and create sustainable new habits that bring out your unique creative strengths. And you can record your sessions so you can revisit, relearn and continue to perfect your personalized techniques for the rest of your life

  • Orientation materials with tons of exercises, materials and reading inspiration to get you started right away

  • A step-by-step plan to help you take your knowledge and skills to the next level in 90 days with 24/7 access to your Google Drive app so you can work anytime, anywhere

  • Custom-designed songwriting, piano, ear training and music theory exercises catered to your unique style and experience

  • Comprehensive analysis and documented progress to examine your unique strengths and challenges with regard to both technique and songwriting creativity

  • Access to our recommended curriculum, books, resources and dozens of exercises

  • Expert guidance and accountability on finishing 1-3 of your original songs with your original piano backing part

  • The opportunity to record and perform your songs here at IHMV



Our I Heart Music Program will give you the tools to:

  • Write your original songs

  • Accompany yourself on piano for both originals and cover songs

  • Produce your original music in music software (Logic Pro X or GarageBand)

  • Understand music theory with confidence in every musical situation

  • Make a rock-solid strategy for making space in your life for your songwriting

  • Consistently create from a place of inspiration that is connected with your deepest self and artistry

  • Feel confident knowing you are writing the best songs that bring out your unique artistic style and strengths

  • Take massive, inspired action to put you in the fast lane to achieving your specific songwriting and piano goals

It's not talent or creativity you're lacking in your pursuit of your superstar dream, just the tools. 



A Glimpse At Topics You Can Choose From...


Chord Types & Progressions
Major & Minor Scales
Reading Chords & Sheet Music
Pop Harmonies, Arpeggios & Inversions
Creating Piano Parts For Covers & Originals
Advanced Piano Technique & Style

Basics of Logic Pro X & GarageBand
Editing Audio & Software Instruments
Drum Beats & Multitrack Loops
Producing Complete Songs
Recording Vocals At Home or IHMV
Advanced Music Production & Mixing

Creating Melodies & Lyrics
Harmonies & Chord Progressions
Analyzing Songs & Artists
Editing & Finishing Songs
Defining Your Unique Genre
Advanced Songwriting Theory

Chord Types & Progressions
Reading & Writing Music
Hearing Music & Playing By Ear
Transcribing Melodies & Chords
Arranging Music & Harmonizing
Advanced Music Theory



Plus You Can Record During Any Of Your Sessions!

When you enroll in I Heart Music, you get to record as much as your heart desires at any of your sessions! 



Hi, I'm Lucas Francis, your Music Coach

Lucas Francis piano & songwriting coach at I Heart My Voice

I created our I Heart Music Program for aspiring artists like you, who recognize that to live their superstar dreams by creating, singing, recording and performing their own music, they need a strong foundation in songwriting, piano, software  and music theory.

As a Master's graduate from USC's Thornton School of Music who has written and released my own music since I was 18, I strongly believe in the importance of having a strong foundation in music in order to freely create the music I want. I knew that in order to share my music with the world, I had to understand music at a deep level.  

At the core of our I Heart Music Program is the desire to empower you with the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to live an amazing life of creative music-making. 

The simplest way to give yourself ultimate creative freedom is to get the expert training you need to give yourself the fundamentals you need in 4 highly related areas--songwriting, music theory, piano and music software--all together at once.

In contrast to the many other coaching approaches out there, our I Heart Music Program is designed specifically to bring together these 4 areas that you normally would have train with 2-4 separate coaches or classes to receive. 

My belief and goal is to give you the closest thing to the music conservatory training that I received at USC. This is how you get good, fast.  

You won’t have to try to explain to me what your creative songwriting goals are as an aspiring artist, because I've been there. I've lived my life as a professional creative musician, and I know exactly what you need to succeed in this industry, and to live a fulfilling, creative life.  

By the time our work together is done, you’ll have the tools you need to step into the spotlight and share your music with the world.


Lucas Francis Piano & Songwriting Coach at I Heart My Voice

With our I Heart Music Program, you won’t need to invest thousands in multiple music coaches or courses.

You won’t need to juggle competing and conflicting advice on your creative work.

And you won’t have to rely on the confusing and frustrating trial and error that goes along with finding incomplete answers here and there online.

All you need to do is attend your weekly session, be willing to put in the time at home to hone your craft, and you’ll be ready to write your songs and accompany yourself on piano--in the studio, online and live!


I Heart Music program at I Heart My Voice

Let's take your music to the next level!

Once you sign up, we'll email you within 24 hours to schedule your first session so you can get started right away!

(Ten 60-Minute Sessions)

$400 down payment +
3 payments of $400 every 30 days






Need Help Signing Up Or Have Questions? 

If you have questions or are wanting to explore whether this coaching program and working with me is right for you, send me an email or sign up for your Intro Consult here!