Master Your Voice 90-Day Vocal Coaching Program at I Heart My Voice with Roxie Francis

Our signature 90-day program is for singers who are ready to master your voice and craft your own compelling style. Get 10 weekly 90-min sessions with Roxie to build masterful singing skills, overcome bad habits, develop REAL confidence and powerful transformation so you can go from sounding ordinary to extraordinary! Plus you'll receive 6 recording hours at IHMV Studios to record your fav song!

Plus get exclusive workbooks, exercises + advanced vocal techniques.



My Personal Note To You

Hi Singer, I'm really happy you're here.

It means you're ready to step into your vocal strengths, style and success!

I'm Roxie Francis, vocal coach and artist development mentor. After transforming my own voice and the voices of hundreds of singers...

I’ve experienced first-hand that it IS POSSIBLE to do what you dream about, to live your singing dreams and share your voice with the world. I've dedicated my life to helping singers craft a killer style that and make a major impact with their voices.

If you’re just starting out—or starting over—and wondering if YOU can do this… I GET IT!

If you’re like me, you may have been on your singing journey for a while. You've started and stopped multiple times, tried to do it completely on your own and wound up more confused or BURNT OUT from trying.

Or maybe you are just getting going and wondering...

"Why can't I get my voice do what I want it to?"

"How can I feel truly confident in my voice?"

"What makes my voice unique, and what are my strengths that make me stand out from the crowd?"

If so, I know what you're talking about! I have spend over a decade finding the solutions to these very challenges that so many singers struggle with.

Singing is not as fun when you're settling for less, holding back or losing out on the opportunity to express your highest potential.

After coaching rising stars from struggling to now Billboard chart-topping, TV + YouTube viral sensations and signed Major label artists...I know the only difference between where you are now and your vocal success is making a decision to NO LONGER settle for less.

Master Your Voice is EVERYTHING I wish I had when I first started discovering my voice and coaching singers. I couldn’t find any programs that gave me masterful vocal technique and helped me craft my own artistic style, while incorporating career strategy for a life in the industry.

To this day, I’m proud to say there isn’t another coaching program this comprehensive!

If you have a singing dream, no matter how BIG or boutique, and you've also got a "whatever-it-takes" mentality..,

Then I know anything is possible for you. If now is your time to Master Your Voice, then welcome to a world where your voice matters and sounding extraordinary in every song is your new normal!

Much love,
Roxie Francis


What Is Master Your Voice?

Whether you want to overcome specific vocal challenges or take your existing vocal skill to new heights, Master Your Voice is a 90-day program that will have you accessing your star power NOW.

My curriculum and exclusive workbooks will give you everything you need to create YOUR dream voice. This program is packed with exclusive in-depth content, illuminating one-on-one coaching, reading lists and exercises to get you to your complete uplevel.

My training and coaching will give you the confidence to start going after your biggest dreams, the courage to stand out authentically so you can attract more singing opportunities, and the presence and poise to rock the mic like only you can.

But vocal mastery is about more than just developing technique!

By developing mastery in these four areas: vocal technique, crafting you own compelling style, peak productivity skills and courageous confidence so you can make an impact that goes beyond all expectations.

It's about exploration, celebration and having life-changing breakthroughs. 

And as much as this program is about getting extraordinary results...

it's also about the person you become in the process, because REAL confidence starts from the inside out. 



Your Program Includes...

  • Ten 90-Minute Weekly Private Vocal Coaching sessions with Roxie.

  • 9 Recording Hours At IHMV Studios to record a song you love.

  • 24/7 Access To Your Online Progress reports and assignments so you can practice consistently anytime, anywhere. 

  • Powerful Vocal Workouts that you can complete in as little as 20 minutes from your phone or laptop.

  • Invitation to record and perform in Los Angeles at IHMV with our loving and supportive community of like-minded singers.


Get Everything From IHMV Classic

Private coaching, singing techniques + exercises to:

Develop The Basics of breath support, breath control, mix voice + how to hit high notes.

Build Vocal Skills like pitch, rhythm, phrasing, crescendo, decrescendo, riffing + vibrato.

Get Peak Performance Strategies for mic technique, choreography, stage presence + building confidence.

Learn To Sing 1-3 Songs that showcase your voice + adjust the key to fit your unique strengths, challenges + range.

Plus Exclusive MYV Advanced Techniques

Get 50% more coaching time for additional singing exercises + resources:

Learn To Belt High Notes with ease, extend your range + overcome any challenge in any song.

Repair And Remove Bad Habits like cracking, strain or excessive tension. Vocal Health is #1.

Overcome Lazy Ear with advanced ear training + sight singing so you can sing in key, on beat + harmonize like a pro.

Expand Your Songbook like the greats who sing dozens of songs and captivate their audience, so you can, too!

Plus 4 Additional Bonus MYV Workbooks:

Many MYV graduates see major shifts just from completing our welcome workbook. Sign up and we will send you your orientation materials + welcome workbook so you can fast-track your results!

1. Welcome Workbook to dive deep into your personal singing goals + create your 90-day action plan for success.

2. Artist Development Workbook to find your vocal magic + define your style and genre by studing your fav influences.

3. Vocal Inflections Workbook to help you go from sounding good to great like a polished pro = massively cut down the time to quickly learn a song

4. Final Mastery Workbook to finish strong with clarity on your signature style, artist brand + vision for the future.



Create A Voice That You Love.  Craft A Style That's Compelling.

  • Increase your power + range

  • Clarify your singing goals

  • Solve major vocal challenges

  • Craft your own style

  • Optimize your performance

  • Build unshakeable confidence

  • Showcase your strengths

  • Expand your songbook

  • Focus + prioritize your voice



Here's What Happens When Singers Master Their Voice!

All videos on this page were coached and recorded through I Heart My Voice.



{...and this recording went viral on YouTube!}

I believe that without Roxie I wouldn’t have the same range or the same quality voice I have today. Roxie has helped me control my voice, fine tune it, and keep it healthy through puberty and just in general.

The Master Your Voice program was healing and greatly encouraging while simultaneously being exponentially beneficial. I have always felt comfortable with Roxie and know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without her. I am eternally grateful for everything she has done for me and my singing career. Thank you thank you thank you!

— Paul Butcher, Nickelodeon (Zoey 101), YouTube



Roxie inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone rather than accepting mediocre. She also kept me focused on my goals. She recognized my strengths and helped me build my confidence in all areas.

Because of this training, I feel confident auditioning and involving myself in vocal groups as I begin college. I would recommend it to people who need a coach who is willing to push them to their highest potential but will keep the singer’s goals and desires as the priority.

Roxie prepared me in various aspects including ear training, sight reading, vocal technique, style, and performance, to name a few, that will benefit me in all of my future musical endeavors. In addition, her kindness and positive attitude are infectious. These qualities in a vocal coach have definitely influenced my love of singing, and given me positive experiences that I will be able to draw upon throughout my future in music.

— Carina Lopata, USC college student



Roxie’s instruction has been invaluable to me— she has helped me establish an incredibly strong vocal foundation. She has helped guide my voice, strengthen my bridges and approach every note with confidence. My voice is in it’s most connected healthy state of my life.

— Lorenzo Doryon, Olympics theme song, Disney

Master Your Voice Enrollment Options


10 Weekly 90-Minute Sessions +
9 Hours Studio Recording Time


Once you sign up, we'll email you in 24 hours to schedule your first session so you can get started right away! Plus we will send you your orientation materials with your 15 page welcome workbook, mp3 vocal exercises and recommended reading to get you started right away.






$925 down payment +
3 monthly payments of $925

$750 down payment +
4 monthly payments of $750




Get 9 Studio Recording Hours Included In Your Program


When you sign up for Master Your Voice, you also receive 9 studio recording hours at IHMV Studios! 

Finish your program with a recording of you singing your fav song! Here is your chance to shine in our nurturing, educational recording studio with Roxie and Lucas Francis to coach you through every word and every phrase so you sound your very best! Nothing takes the place of studio time with your coach!

SOOOOOOOO exciting I recorded my first ever full cover + video and mannnnnnn what a stepping stone. God put this dream in my heart and I’ve always ignored it and didn’t believe in myself but I can’t preach for you to follow your dreams if I’m not fully following mine. So this year I said to myself it was the year of no fear and I’m going to go for it. I randomly came across @iheartmyvoice on IG and man am I thankful for Roxie. She helped me believe in myself and gave me courage to let my voice out. Thank you for your continuous support in everything I do and unconditional love you pushed me to go further and make sure I’m living up to what I say! I love you.
— Nizhoni, Social Media Star


Travel To Los Angeles + IHMV Studios To Record and Film

laxcw-exterior-0001-hor-feat (1).jpg

Join us in Los Angeles to record! IHMV Studios is located within walking distance from the Woodland Hills Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Los Angeles. We're also walking distance from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and some of the best hip nightlife, restaurants and live music on Ventura Blvd, like HQ, El Tejano, Gasolina Cafe, Paoli's and more!

Make your travel plans today and head on over to spend the day or weekend with us! We can't wait to meet you! Just click here to arrange your stay.




Listen To More Songs Created By Singers Like You Through
Master Your Voice


This helped me gain confidence in my abilities and I’m now have the confidence to say that singing is a part of my artistry and who I am. 

Here is my video to my first recorded cover; hope you enjoy!
— Cristina Florez


When I signed up for vocal coaching with Roxie, I wanted to learn how to become a better singer. I didn’t feel like my voice was getting any better from other voice lessons I had tried.

Working with Roxie, I have become a better singer, mentally and physically. I have become happy with my voice, more confident and more in control of my voice.

Roxie has given me the vocal technique to improve and strengthen my voice. We have worked also worked on ear training and music theory. Because of her encouragement and support, I am no longer afraid to try new things and new genres of music.

— Keren L


Why I Created This Course

For the past 13 years, I've been running my own vocal coaching business while continuing to pursue my singing dream. I've helped hundreds of others develop their singing ability and uniquely awesome voice.

Roxie Francis, vocal coach at I Heart My Voice

Through my 1:1 coaching, one of the biggest and most frequent questions I'm asked is how to get overcome the most common vocal challenges that prevent singers from getting to the next level of their artistry and career. 

I really wanted to help. Especially because I remember how painful it was when I was first learning to sing. I felt overwhelmed, insecure and without a clue on how to best move ahead. So I've taken the most important lessons, the answers, and the expensive mistakes I've made, and turned them into a clear roadmap designed for you to leap forward in your singing.

I think that anyone can sound extraordinary in every song because singing is a skill you can grow and get better at. Many naysayers believe that you have to be born with natural talent to sing. But just because you have some vocal challenges you haven't totally overcome doesn't mean they are right!

Every singer with BIG dreams must continually invest in themselves at a high level in order to push past their comfort zone. Vocal mastery requires pro training, proper technique and success strategies to be in check, everyday!

This Master Your Voice 90-day transformational program will set up all the structures necessary for you to become a masterful vocalist who stands out with a signature sound and style! 

Your voice is as unique as a thumb print, and if you really want to break through and create your uniquely awesome sound and style, you need consistent 1:1 support!

My curriculum is exclusively for singers who are committed to deepening their skills, talent and artistry at the highest level. It is also about overcoming challenges & fears so you can experience a newfound joy & passion to sing your heart out.

I believe that anyone with clear goals, dedication & pro coaching support can achieve vocal mastery. I'd love to guide you towards vocal freedom and singing success.



Here Are More Of The Life-Changing Results MYV Singers Have Experienced...

client love circles 9-21-17 (6).png

Master Your Voice helped me overcome my limits and become fully-packaged artist. Roxie doesn’t just teach voice, she helps you discover your true potential.

I am so much more confident with my voice and I have so much more control. I feel like I have become a whole new person. I know who I am as an artist, and I know what I want to do with my music. Now I have the tools and courage to keep after my singing dream!

I know without Roxie’s dedication, passion and patience I would not be where I am right now. Roxie really believed in me and helped me so much on my journey. She is not only my vocal coach but a member of my team who is always there to support me. Thank you so much for all your help, time and hard work you put in to get me to where I am now!
— Lulu Rose, Pop Singer

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice


Roxie quickly realized what I needed most and in just a short time I was able to get rid of my insecurities and weaknesses that were in the way of being my best. I am now able to sing in front of people with confidence. I accomplished the most in my career with Roxie as my coach. She has a pure, genuine, giving heart and encourages you to go for it all while leaving all doubts behind. I recommend Master Your Voice to people who need to build confidence and eliminate blocks that are stopping them.
— Paula Labaredas, YouTube Star
Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

I approached Roxie because I wanted to elevate my singing, which I had only done privately, to a public level. After working with Roxie, I uncovered a new instrument and felt I went from a bedroom singer to an artist who could sing on stage.

We defined and expanded my range; teaching me how to blend head voice and chest voice; teaching me how to maintain pitch; and teaching me how care for my vocal instrument.

I found the experience transformative and inspiring. What mattered to me—what I wanted to sing about—mattered to Roxie. She goes beyond coaching on range, pitch and dynamics to helping one become a singer for the masses.
— Babak G, Indie Artist, Secret Garden
Client Testimonial for I Heart My Voice with Roxie Francis

Roxie gave me lots of marvelous techniques and information—everything I needed to know. We worked on how to how to actually hear myself, how to breathe, how the larynx works and how to properly use my vocal muscles. She answered all my questions.

I found this experience enlightening. Roxie showed me how to do things I thought I couldn’t. She helped me build confidence and overcome my fear of failing. Thank you Roxie for understanding my troubles and helping me. You’re the greatest!
— SusieQ, Singer

Got Q's? We're Here For You!


If you have questions or are wanting to explore whether this coaching program and working with me is right for you, send me an email or sign up for your Intro Consult here!