Join hundreds of new and experienced singers who have learned the fundamentals of singing, practicing and performing with Roxie Francis in Los Angeles or via Skype! Get 10 weekly singing lessons in our IHMV Classic program, and gain confidence and cutting-edge vocal techniques gathered from the industry's best resources.

Introducing The IHMV Classic Program


The IHMV Classic program was created for singers who are ready to take the time you need to explore your voice inside and out with expert coaching and techniques that work.

Maybe you are a beginner who has had a few singing lessons and watched some YouTube videos to learn how to sing your heart out.

Or maybe you are a seasoned pro who needs a fresh perspective on how to warm up and exercise your voice.

Either way, what I know for sure is that everyone wants to sing our favorite songs with freedom and ease!

Hi, I'm Roxie Francis and I have spent over a decade helping hundreds of singers sing their hearts out!

When it comes to building confidence and great vocal technique....I've discovered that even the most talented singers struggle with a few core challenges. 


  1. You don't know what to practice. "I really want to sing higher, better faster and stronger, but I'm not sure what exercises to practice. I watch YouTube and IG videos for singing tips, but I don't know if I'm doing it correctly. How can I be in total control of my voice?"
  2. You're not sure which songs to sing. "I like so many songs, but there are a few notes that are hard for me to sing. Should I lower the key or change some of the notes? Do I sound good when I sing this song?"
  3. You wonder if you're really talented enough to do this. "I wish I had my own songs recorded and I think there is something special about my voice, but I'm not sure I was born with enough talent to call myself a singer. I just don't know if I have the talent, time or money to do make this happen!"


If any of this is plucking at your heart strings, you're in the right place! 


You are about to learn exactly how to warm-up, exercise and develop the skills to sing higher, better, stronger + faster.


All the singers I have worked with started here - and some have gone on to win over the hearts of millions of fans! But to move forward and not be in the exact same place a year from now, you've got to take action. 

You've got to get started and then finish what you've started.

At IHMV, we know that singing is a skill. And having studied what the greatest singers and athletes have done for centuries, we know that daily consistency combined with pro-level support is the most efficient path to your singing success! 

Success leaves footprints

So how do Superstars, Olympians and NFL athletes get great and stay great?

They practice everyday! And often times, they will train with their coaches everyday!

To get peak performance vocals, Beyonce, Sia, Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran are committed to continually refining and upgrading their technique, skills and daily habits.

And now it's your turn to get the training, support and love you need to make your singing dreams come to life.

Here's What You Get In The IHMV Classic Program

IHMV Classic Singing Lessons with Roxie Francis
You'll learn exactly what you need to understand, know and most importantly - do in order to sing your heart out. This program is made to show you how to:
  • Warm-up and exercise your voice like a pro

  • Take consist action so you sound better over time

  • Pick the right songs that suit your voice

  • Start feeling more confident, excited and in love with your voice.

With expert coaching, weekly assignments and documented progress - plus my hand-picked techniques from the industry's best resources - you'll be committed to making your singing dreams come to life.

Your Program Includes:

  1. Ten 60-minute, weekly private singing lessons to kickstart your vocal journey, make daily improvements and build new habits.
  2. Orientation materials with mp3 vocal warm-ups, exercises and recommended books and resources to get you started right away.
  3. 24/7 access to your online progress reports and assignments so you can stay on course anytime, anywhere.
  4. Custom-designed vocal workouts that you can complete in as little as 20 minutes from your phone or laptop.
  5. Guidance picking 3 songs that showcase you at your best and tips on how to adjust the key to fit your unique strengths, challenges and range.
  6. Invitation to record and perform in Los Angeles at IHMV with our loving and supportive community of like-minded singers.


Here are the specific outcomes we are focused on in this program:

  • Getting you to practice and refining your technique, tone and range for a powerful voice that improves week-after-week.
  • Getting you to take inspired action every day so you can sing your fav songs and sound your very best.


Techniques You Will Get

Singing Basics + Technique
Practice Routine + Consistency
Breath Support + Tonal Control
Discover Your Mix Voice
How to Hit High Notes
Pitch, Rhythm + Phrasing
Style, Riffing + Vibrato
Mic Technique + Choreography
Audition + Performance Strategies
Confidence + Rockstar Affirmations


Play piano, write songs + understand how music works.  >>LEARN MORE


Techniques You Won't Get

In IHMV Classic, we are not covering anything dealing with vocal repair, removing bad habits like breaks, cracking or releasing strain. We also do not cover how to belt, overcome years of resistance or craft your own artistic style. These advanced techniques need additional time, expertise and resources. For advanced techniques as well as artist development get:


Vocal and artistic mastery to belt high notes and overcome challenges.  >>LEARN MORE




Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

Roxie has been able to bring out the magic in my voice.

Roxie’s instruction has been invaluable to me— she has helped me establish an incredibly strong vocal foundation. She has helped guide my voice, strengthen my bridges and approach every note with confidence. My voice is in it’s most connected healthy state of my life.
— Lorenzo Doryon, Los Angeles Recording Artist

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice
My daughter worked with Roxie since she was 6 years old. Roxie taught her everything she knows. She told us Sydney had a gift, but we couldn’t see it at that age...but she did.

Roxie gave her the tools, techniques and encouragement to develop her voice to its fullest potential. She worked her hard but made coaching fun. Sydney absolutely loves her. Besides being a great vocal teacher, Roxie is also a wonderful, kind and caring human being. We strongly recommend her for any aspiring singer, or a child who just loves to sing! It’s amazing to see how far her young students have come in such a short time.
— Mother of Sydney

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice
IHMV Classic helped not only with my technique but with my mindset. I have become so much more confident.

Now I believe that my voice is amazing and that I should share it to all the world. She really showed me that I had so much talent inside of me, the BIG star that I am and how to let my voice shine! She believes in you and encourages you to trust in yourself. I recommend IHMV Classic to any singer that feels they need a little push to do what they gotta do.
— Gladys Ferreyro


Why I Created This Program

For over a decade, I have been running my own successful vocal coaching business. Through working with Billboard chart-topping artists, Grammy Award-winners, American Idol Finalists, Nickelodeon and NBC singing shows, major label artists, & YouTube stars, one of the most frequent questions I'm asked is: "How can I sing _______ (higher, better, faster, stronger)?"

But the truth is, I didn't always feel like I knew how to practice and I didn't always have great technique and skills. I felt overwhelmed and wasn't sure what the best course of action was to move ahead. I made every mistake possible, I researched every technique I could find and I studied with dozens of coaches until finally, I figured it out.

As a lifelong musician who has graduated from UCLA's School of Music and became a certified life coach, I've had to continually overcome the exact challenges that every singer I work with faces on a daily basis. And I really want to help you do the same.

At the heart of my IHMV Classic Program, I'm empowering you with the most important lessons I've learned and the industry's best techniques to give you a roadmap to sing your very best every day--week after week, year after year!


Get Started With IHMV Classic Singing Lessons Now

You will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule your first session so you can get started right away!


$300 today plus
3 monthly payments of $300



$1200 total

Get a bonus 60-minute piano & songwriting coaching session
with Lucas Francis when you choose single payment.


More Reviews

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice
I was trying to find a vocal coach for a long time and finally I did. I consider this a victory. Thank you. Literally everything we worked on helped me a lot to overcome my fears, expand my range and find a unique approach to my voice. I would recommend Roxie to people who need a personal vocal coach to find their voice, confidence and happiness.
— Raya Ferguson, Singer/Songwriter

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice
Roxie is, simply put, a phenomenal teacher. I began coaching with Roxie when I just started out about four years ago. She was incredible kind, and very knowledgeable of what it would take for me to get better.

She has an amazing natural sense of how far to push me in our sessions. Every lesson was a challenge, but I always walked out feeling like I accomplished a lot. Recently she has also helped me prepare for recordings and shows with more advanced techniques.

I now have received many compliments on my voice from friends, fans and music industry folks. I highly recommend Roxie without hesitation to beginners, pros and everyone in between.
— Matt Westerman, Singer/Songwriter

Client Testimonial for Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice
It has been rather life-changing for me training with you for my confidence/grace as a singer and it’s amazing how specific and knowledgeable you are with technique. It has inspired me greatly, and I know that after this intensive study with you ends the methods and spirit you’ve passed on to me will not. I’ll just miss coming every single week haha.

Thank you again for all of your help. You are amazing.
— Erica Von Trapp of Jane Machine


Need Help Signing Up Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or are wanting to explore whether this coaching program and working with me is right for you, send me an email or sign up for your introductory session here.



Want to record your favorite song during your program?


When you enroll in the IHMV Classic program, you can turn any of your singing lessons with Roxie into a recording session at our in-house vocal production studio!

While much can be accomplished practicing and taking lessons, nothing takes the place of studio time with your coach to make a recording that reflects you sounding your best!

Just show up to your regularly scheduled lesson, and Roxie will be there to coach you through your recording, along with our certified resident engineer, producer and mixer, Lucas!

Get the recording experience you need to upgrade your singing career, and walk away with a recording of you singing your fav song!

We recommend starting with 2 hours of studio recording time.

Add Studio Recording To Your Session