Hi, I’m Roxie

A Vocal Coach and Artist Mentor for passionate singers who want to LOVE your voice, brand your art and LIVE your singing dream! From singing lessons to piano, from songwriting to the stage, and lots more in between in LA and online.


Are you ready to find your voice?

Do you love to sing but are confused about how to sound better and improve your technique?

Or do you want to write, record + perform songs for a meaningful life and career in music?

If any of this sounds like you...

Then I'd love to chat, just give the studio a call at 818-687-8990.

Singing lessons and programs are held online or in-person at I Heart My Voice in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. You can enroll in any of our coaching programs now...

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I'm here to help you get to your goals faster--without the struggle, strain or guesswork! You could spend years wondering how to go from where you're at now to living your dream. Or you could decide that this is your time to break through and create the singing success you DESERVE! 

This is your time to sing, record, and perform! I Heart My Voice programs are designed to help you shine, sound extraordinary and step into the spotlight of your life!

I look forward to meeting you and hearing you sing!

Much Love, 

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What You'll Get From Your Intro Consult

You'll get clear on how to create the voice you always wanted and how to reach your singing goals! I'll ask you to sing 1-3 of your favorite songs and a few vocal exercises. You'll also receive a vocal evaluation, and we'll identify your unique strengths and the vocal challenges you might be facing. At the end of the session we'll discuss your needs, your budget, and an action plan here at I Heart My Voice to bring your singing dream to life,

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{...and this recording went viral on YouTube!}

I believe that without Roxie I wouldn’t have the same range or the same quality voice I have today. Roxie has helped me control my voice, fine tune it, and keep it healthy through puberty and just in general.

Working with Roxie is healing and greatly encouraging while simultaneously being exponentially beneficial. I have always felt comfortable with Roxie and know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without her. I am eternally grateful for everything she has done for me and my singing career. Thank you thank you thank you!

— Paul Butcher, Nickelodeon (Zoey 101), YouTube

SOOOOOOOO exciting I recorded my first ever full cover + video and mannnnnnn what a stepping stone. God put this dream in my heart and I’ve always ignored it and didn’t believe in myself but I can’t preach for you to follow your dreams if I’m not fully following mine. So this year I said to myself it was the year of no fear and I’m going to go for it. I randomly came across @iheartmyvoice on IG and man am I thankful for Roxie. She helped me believe in myself and gave me courage to let my voice out. Thank you for your continuous support in everything I do and unconditional love you pushed me to go further and make sure I’m living up to what I say! I love you.
— Nizhoni, Social Media Influencer


because of you and Lucas. We feel so lucky to have found you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for her.

Roxie is wonderful, friendly, and very helpful! She hears the small things that can be easily changed or implemented to make a difference in a song. I would highly recommend her!
— Mother of Sofie Rockhold, Singer/Songwriter


The making of a singer starts with the perfect teacher. What makes a perfect teacher?? I suppose everyone’s answer would be different...I believe that first and foremost they have to be knowledgeable. They have to be encouraging, empathetic, open minded, and come from a place that aims to help YOU grow, and not from a place that hopes to create a carbon copy of themselves. Their creativity, passion and charisma needs to match your own. I’m so thankful we’ve found that perfect teacher in Roxie!

Taeya’s been working with Roxie for 2+ years now. She’s guiding Taeya to be the exact artist she’s meant to be and I couldn’t be more grateful for her and for the love she pours into Tae.
— Mother of Taeya Bella, Singer/Dancer/Actress


T: 818-687-8990
E: info@iheartmyvoice.com

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20929 Ventura Blvd STE 47314
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Studio Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm


Hi Singer, as a Vocal Coach and Artist Mentor for passionate singers, my goal is to help you discover your full vocal potential, become the best version of yourself and live your superstar singing dream!

A true Angeleno with nothing more than a love for music, a voice and a dream, I'm proud to have spent over a decade working with stars from YouTube, Nickelodeon and NBC singing shows, Billboard chart-topping artists and Grammy award winning producers.

I graduated from UCLA's Herb Alpert School of Music and became certified as a life coach, so I could help passionate singers like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results, recordings and performances that you love.

I believe that everyone has the ability to sing with freedom...
the real challenge is getting started & finishing what you started.


From singing lessons to piano, from songwriting to the stage, and lots more in between...

I founded I Heart My Voice with my husband Lucas to give singers like you permission to develop your uniquely awesome voice and share your message with the world.

Because every voice matters and no one is better at sounding like you than you. 

We offer customizable programs, an in-house recording studio and loving artist mentorship. It's the IHMV way. 

When you train with me, you'll gain access to everything I know (I've trained with over 20 of the top Hollywood celebrity coaches) and as much tough love feedback as you need to become the best version of you possible. Because you make you awesome.

By the time our work together is done, you'll know your voice inside out, be able to sing in a way that captures people's hearts, and have a ton of singing techniques and strategies to choose from so you'll never feel intimidated by a song ever again.

Whether you're starting or growing your singing career, or just looking for a new way of self-expression, IHMV is here to serve.

Our community is dedicated to making an impact, one voice and song at a time. 

The heart of our company beats on love and a passion for what's possible when we all live our superstar dreams every day.  

If you've read this far, thank you.

I hope it's just the beginning of our relationship. I'd love to work with you in one of our programs or meet you in LA at one of our live events.

I'm delighted we're connected and I'm thrilled for your journey ahead.

Much love, 

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