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Do you love to sing? Are you ready to find your voice?

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Or maybe you want to write, record + perform songs for a meaningful, fulfilling music career?

If any of this sounds like you...

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I'm here to help you get to your goals faster--without the struggle, strain or guesswork! You could spend years wondering how to go from where you're at now to living your singing dream. Or you could decide that this is your time to break through and create the singing success you DESERVE! 

Don't delay your dream any longer! This is your time to sing, record, and perform! I Heart My Voice programs are designed to help you shine, sound extraordinary and step into the spotlight of your life!

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What To Expect During Your Intro Consult

I will ask you a number of questions to help you get clear on how to create the voice you always wanted and what your singing goals are! I will ask you to sing 1-3 of your favorite songs and a few vocal exercises. Together we will identify your unique strengths and the vocal challenges you might be facing. We will spend the end of the session exploring breakthrough strategies and an action plan here at I Heart My Voice that can assist you in creating your dream voice and getting you to the next level of your success! 



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I Heart My Voice is a global singing and success coaching studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Singing lessons, vocal coaching and recording programs are available in-person at our studio or via Skype. Our studio is in Los Angeles off Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills. Whether you live in New York or Paris, come to LA to create your dream voice!