It's Your Year To Sing!

I’ve been doing a lot of journaling around what 2020 is really about for me...asking questions like: What’s my purpose? Who am I meant to be? What’s my next level?

And here’s what came up for me: LOVE.
Resolution: more love for your voice, Roxie!

Love Your Voice

We have no problem saying that we desire freedom, fulfillment, and a great career that makes the MOST of our education and skillset...

And yet, it’s completely terrifying to admit just how far into the spotlight of your creative dreams you are wanting to push yourself! As the wonderful, generous person you are to everyone in your life, you wouldn’t want to be seen as “attention hungry”…

Even though you KNOW that your beautiful voice, smash-hit songs, or eagerly devoured YouTube channel is not exactly going to happen by you being the best-kept secret!

The truth is, your ongoing silence serves no one. Honoring and sharing your voice is the ULTIMATE way to make the greatest possible impact in the world. 

Music and song bring incredible heaps of JOY to everyone. So stop hiding behind your laptop singing karaoke songs in the shadows of what your heart really wants!

It is time to finally get your voice in shape, create a new hit song, start performing once a month at your favorite live music venue…  

The coolest part is, this is 100% available to you now.

So here’s the first step to claiming your voice in 2020...

Heart-first singing

This week I asked every singer who studies privately with me to write what you love about your voice. And now it's your turn.

Because what you think about you determines your success!

It has nothing to do with talent or what other people say, it has everything to do with what you believe.

I know what it is like to deny your dream or to think someday I’ll sing more. Or maybe you believe that you simply can’t sing? 

But that is not true! YOU CAN!

If you've got that singing flame inside of you, it will never die. That desire will come back again and again and again.

If you hear a voice within say ‘You cannot sing,’ then by all means sing, and that voice will be silenced. Because we are all meant to be heard and to express our truth. 

KNOWING that your voice is a gift and AFFIRMING your love for it will make or break your singing dream. 

You are in total control of your destiny. 

In 2020, let's focus on less criticism, more HEART. 


My voice isn't strong enough. It sounds bad when I sing this song. I can't hold my notes out. I don't like how I sound when I sing my high notes.


  • Even though once in a while I might sound ‘bad’, I deeply and completely love + accept myself, my voice + my singing.

  • Even though I might be loud (soft), I deeply and completely love + accept myself. I choose to know I'm growing into the singer I'm meant to be.

  • Even though I don’t sing every note perfectly, I deeply and completely love + accept my voice.


  • My throat and voice are open and balanced. My high notes are effortless + ringing.

  • My voice is the wonderful, unique expression of me and everything in my heart.

  • My superstar life and career are meant for me. Fame and impact are what I'm meant for!

Spend 5 minutes to write down 5 singing affirmations. Say them out loud. AFFIRM them!

Carry them with you in your phone, purse, wallet. Put them on your mirrors, your fridge and in your practice room.

My dream is everyone who feels that burning passion in their hearts to sing fully goes after it and lets nothing hold them back in 2020. 

#HeartFirst #AffirmationsWork #MoreLove

P.S. Ready for a life without limits, the ability to move past fear at the drop of a hat, and to take your voice and career from hot mess to mega-singing success in 2020? Call us at 818-687-8990 or fill out our Contact Form to get started!