Superstar Mentality: Transforming Your Mindset

March has been an exciting month for me, as my new album released under my label Sakura Sun has landed on the official US college TOP 200 radio charts for 4 weeks alongside Lukas Graham!

Superstar Mentality: Transforming Your Mindset For Singers

One of the things that makes this so special for me is the fact that just a short while ago, this wouldn't have been possible. 

The truth is, a short while ago, everything was different. 

I tried to do everything on a zero budget because I didn't think I had the money to pay for it.  So I recorded songs without the support of a vocal coach, and I released recordings that my producer and I recorded, mixed and mastered all by ourselves! 

We then tried to single-handedly promote our music to hundreds of radio stations by ourselves! We spent countless hours researching, contacting and following up with these stations--and were ignored 90% of the time. 

While it felt special to try to make hits and get noticed by doing it all ourselves, it was exhausting to constantly be thinking about saving money and looking for new ways to be practical with our cash. And what suffered most was my artistry.

But here's the thing, I didn't know better. 

I thought I didn't have a choice. I thought I had to pay my dues as a 20-something struggling artist. After all, musicians never have any money, right? 

And I was a singer whose parents were non-musicians and not rich, so it was supposed to be difficult for me to get a break, right?

And every 20-something lives in small studio apartment and cries herself to sleep wanting a bigger life, right? 

You get the idea. 

For years, I told myself it was okay to wait to train with a great vocal coach, and wait to record in the studios with Gaga's or Rihanna's engineers, and wait to live somewhere bigger than the size of my closet!

I knew I'd be successful one day, and I convinced myself that I was OK waiting for that "one day".

There came a turning point when I realized that not every 20-something on the planet was living the way I was...

I noticed not all artists were worrying about money every day. Many of them regularly trained with a vocal coach and some of them even hired PR and radio promotion teams that got them noticed in the market place! 

I believe that sometimes you need someone else to show you what's possible before you can see what is possible for you. 

Once I saw that it was possible for me to have what I wanted now, I made a choice that changed everything: I decided I was no longer willing to wait for the life I wanted. 

That's when everything started to shift.

I got the idea for my new album concept, and then I made key changes in my mindset that helped me go from broke to creating my dream life. 

The result of these changes is that I made my album at Rihanna's studio and Capitol Records, I worked with Grammy Award-winners, and I hired a radio promo company that helped my album get on the US college radio TOP 200 chart!

Let me emphasize this again: the key to all these changes started with transforming my mindset. Those words may sound like a foreign language to you (I know they did to me at one point). This is why I am sharing with you exactly what I mean in the P.S. section below. 

I'm sure that you have big dreams, just like I do.

NOW is your opportunity to step into your dreams, and it starts with transforming your mindset.

Do you believe that you can create the voice, career and life you want now...or are you willing to wait?

So what exactly does 'transforming my mindset' mean? 

Check out below my IHMV credo: "The Mentality of a Superstar". These are some of the fundamental changes I made to my thinking that helped change everything about my life. 

Transforming your mindset is all about you creating new beliefs in every moment that lead to making new decisions and choices! I recommend that you put these beliefs into practice immediately. Write down the steps that resonate the most for you and repeat them out loud often! 

The Mentality of a Superstar

  • We follow a no-excuses policy.

  • We only create solutions--zero negativity or complaining.

  • We manage our time effectively.

  • We practice self-care on a regular basis to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

  • We stay on track, get results and do what we say we are going to do.

  • We don't wish or want. We have desires and then manifest them.

  • We strengthen our success mindset (thoughts and beliefs) daily.

  • We strengthen our music, art and vocal practice daily.

  • We follow and implement the training we receive.

  • We take responsibility for getting the most out of our training and education.

  • We remain highly engaged throughout our training and education.

  • We use the resources available to get more help and training as needed.

  • We rely on our inner guidance and stay open to input when we desire support.

  • We assume the best in others and give the benefit of the doubt.

  • We use good judgement in our interactions and business.

  • We choose to be visible and participate in our own lives and online.

  • We celebrate our successes and the success of others.

  • We enjoy life.

In other words, transforming your mindset is the key to transforming your singing! 

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