You're invited to record!

Introducing...I Heart Recording!

Recording your voice can be nerve wracking! It can be difficult to hear our own voices played back to us--a reality check for sure! Even the most confident singers find that mental blocks undermine their ability to capture their best sound. 

My clients have said, 
"I cringe when I hear my voice" or "I hate the way I sound!" While these are common feelings, they can prevent us from growing and instead stop us dead in our tracks. Standing in the recording booth all alone with a stranger can be paralyzing for some! Often, not being properly prepared results in our either not liking the way we sound in the final product or simply just not recording in the first place.  

And yet, recording yourself and hearing your voice played back to you is one of the most crucial, absolutely essential experiences for ANY singer. And a great demo recording has always been the fastest ticket to opening doors in your career.

So if you dream of having quality recordings of your voice & know you're meant to be in the studio rocking the mic, then I invite you to create your next studio recording this spring in my 30-day program, I HEART RECORDING!

Let me show you how to overcome these obstacles and have fun capturing that pro sound you always wanted!


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Sign up by February 29th @ 11:59pm

Learn How To:

  • Prepare your song for peak performance in the studio
  • Get in the zone the week, night & day of your recording session
  • Overcome resistance, fear & gain a sense of accomplishment

For Each Song You Will Receive: 

  • 3 45-minute vocal coaching sessions
  • 1-hour recording studio session w/producer & Roxie
  • Jam-packed recording modules/materials
  • 1 finished high-quality cover song recording



This is your chance to focus entirely on you and your voice, with all the systems and structures in place--and the planning done for you!

Just like the star you are, my team will set you up from start to finish at a top-of-the-line recording studio with an established engineer! Additionally, I will assist you in picking your best cover song(s) and coach you before, during and after the studio session. 

This recording program is about putting yourself on the track to become a recording superstar who gets noticed and feels confident with being vulnerable on the mic. And most importantly, it's about who you will become in the process.

Let's capture your heart in time and for all time!

Much Love, 

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P.S. At IHMV, we know that preparation is key! Here is your chance to get equipped with a stream-lined practice routine, a great coach, and a professional engineer at a state-of-the-art recording studio!  

Recording can feel like a huge task--especially if you have never done it before. If creating recordings you love is important to you, then I encourage you to get the support you need. Don't lose countless hours trying to do it on your own when our process is streamlined, easy, and sets you up to walk away with a finished recording within 30 days.

All you need to do is make a decision to invest in your dreams--then commit to practicing and singing your heart out! 


*This is a high-quality demo recording project; it is not meant to be a radio-ready master recording. However, many of my students have used these recordings on their YouTube channels and even to get major record deals and television shows! 

**Additional studio time can be purchased prior to your recording date at $75/30 minutes if we both agree that you would benefit from more time. Participants who are out of state may attend coaching sessions via Skype and are responsible for their own travel and accommodations in Los Angeles the day of their scheduled recording.