Publishing Royalties For Songwriters

Performance and Mechanical Royalties For Songwriters by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

Publishing, performance and mechanical royalties...oh my! Use These Music Industry Tips.

I’ve heard horror story after horror story (and it’s not even Halloween yet) from singers I coach who've written + released original songs and never made a dime!

Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and worldwide is all the rage...and you should be collecting performance AND mechanical royalties for songs you wrote.

That is why Lucas and I wanted to share these steps with you so you know exactly where to register your songs and NOT leave any royalties behind.

Register with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization like BMI or ASCAP) for performance royalties.

Then you must ALSO REGISTER with an Admin Publishing company that will collect your mechanical royalties worldwide.

If you distributed your music through CD Baby, you can use CD Baby Pro. Tunecore has Tunecore Publishing. DistroKid doesn't have admin Distrokid users should register with Songtrust.

And if you’re an indie artist, Admin Publishing is usually BETTER than a Traditional Publishing deal, which signs away 50% of your royalties and 25-50% of your copyright ownership.

Songtrust only charges you a 15% commission and lets you keep 100% of your copyright ownership. Pretty sweet deal right?

So which PRO + admin publishing company are you registered with? Or register NOW to see how abundant your singing dream can become!

Still got questions? Don't leave royalties on the table, reach out to us! We’re here to help. We love showing artists in our Thriving Singer mentorship where your royalties are so you can get paid for the songs you put your heart and soul into.