5 Career Pathways For Singers

What lights you up? ❤ Get clarity first, then take decisive action! 5 Pathways for Singers:

5 Career Pathways For Singers by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

1. Songwriting & Licensing: What if you could write and license 1 song a month to an established artist or a TV 📺 show? What if you don't want to tour or worry about building a fanbase, and you'd rather just make music + money?

2. Online Shop: What if you sold $100 of merch to 1000 people every year? E-commerce is where it is at if you want to sell your music, hoodies, 👕 jewelry, tix to your show, autographed posters and more off your own website and keep all your profits.

3. Spotify Streaming: This is great for exposure, but check out these stats: 🤓 1 stream = 4/10ths of a cent OR 12,500 streams a day = $50 a day. 1 million streams a year is equivalent to $4K a year! WOWZA, you really can't make a living off that alone...right?

4. Fan Funding: How can you get a fan to subscribe to consistently pay you a monthly fee through fan-funded platforms like Patreon or Kickstarter? This is for singers who've already built up a culture 👩‍🎤 around their music/message on social--and are ready to kick it up a notch.

5. Studio or Live Session Singing: This one is all about networking with local recording studios or online (check out SoundBetter.com) Or hold down residencies at sumptuous hotels, 🥂 weddings and private parties by piecing together a 4-hour set of crowd-pleasing tunes.

Clarity is key! If you know you're meant for the stage, don't focus on writing lots of songs for other people! Otherwise you're building a house 🏠 that you don't really want to live in.

So which pathway do you DESIRE? ❤️ Need help? Set up a call with us to talk more about creating a strategy for your singing success!