Free Vocal Emergency Kit Giveaway

⛑ Free Singer’s Giveaway ⛑

Because having a strong and healthy voice is so important...I gathered a few of my favorite things to send a few of you lovely singers. We'll announce our winners on Sunday morning, June 2nd. 

A VocalMist nebulizer ($100 value), Throat Coat organic tea, best-ever healing lozenges for vocal inflammation and my trusty vocal recovery handbook, plus a video chat with me to learn all about how to keep your voice healthy and strong! 

Go to Instagram—follow, like + leave comment about why we should choose you by 11:59pm PST this Saturday, June 1st and YOU'RE IN for our runner-up prizes.

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For my aspiring singers and fellow coaches, this is your secret weapon for crafting healthy voices:

Trading the steam room for a nebulizer, and getting HYDRATED with my beloved pocket-sized, low maintenance VocalMist.

The thing is, “the vocal folds need to be lubricated with a thin layer of mucous in order to vibrate efficiently.” #TexasVoiceCenter

Dehydration causes the voice to lose vocal cord flexibility and become more susceptible to damage! It causes the mucous to thicken and leads to irritation, the start of vocal injury and inferior singing quality.

The best lubrication can be achieved by drinking plenty of water, but get this—if you wait until you are thirsty to drink H20, that means you’re already dehydrated.

Keep in mind that the water you consume right now will not touch your vocal folds, or you would choke on it. Instead the water goes down your food channel and hydrates the rest of your vital organs first; which means it can take up to 24 hours for the water you drink right now to affect your vocal folds!

There's extensive scientific research that points to how much nebulizing can affect not just your vocal health to get rid of dry mucous and alleviate allergies, but your ability to:

  • Sing higher notes

  • Eliminate your vocal break

  • Sing with a richer tone and power

  • Keep your vocal folds in top shape

Nebulize daily. Knowing this has brought me and my clients so much relief, joy and vocal health! Wishing you vocal health and success!

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