IHMV Singer Secrets for Recording | Part 1

One of the reasons why many of my clients have gone on to land major recording contracts is because they have spent countless hours focusing on their voices in the recording studio! 

Recording can be one of your greatest tools to living your singing dream, or it can be your biggest block!

I remember the first time I heard my voice played back to me on a recording--I couldn't even play it without cringing!


Trust me, I think I made every possible mistake while on the road towards loving and sharing my voice with the world. I learned the hard way.

For so long, recording was the biggest roadblock in my life. 

It held me back from releasing my album, living my singing dream, and it stopped me from discovering my uniquely awesome voice!

And all the time I see so many other beautiful, AMAZING singers like you making the same mistakes I made over and over again.

I hear singers with truly unique voices and a beautiful message to share being held back from their heart's calling to sing...all because of their fear of stepping up to the mic!

And I don't want fear to stop you!

My whole point here is that I know how terrifying stepping up to the mic can be...and more importantly, I know how long it can keep you from really getting your voice out into the world and creating the impact that you're meant for.

That's why I am sharing with you below my brand new guide: Singer's Secrets to Sounding Extraordinary in the Recording Studio!

This week I'll be sharing with you Part 1:

How To Get Your Voice and Song in Peak Performance Shape!

How to Prep Your Voice

  • I recommend spending 30-60 minutes a day for a decent warmup and vocal workout. More time is even better, but if you can do 15 minutes a day, this will make a BIG difference. You'll be doing your voice a huge favor when you record by making time for your vocal warmups every time you sing--week in, week out.

  • To get the full breakdown on many of the best vocal warmups and exercises, sign up for our I Heart Singing Program

How To Pick Your Song

  • Our voices are as unique as our thumb print, so pick a song that suits your unique sound and zone of genius. The melody and style of the song needs to amplify your vocal strengths. Plus, every note must be within your range. 

  • Pick a song that you feel emotionally connected to. The message and meaning behind the lyrics must be a topic that you believe in and relate to.

  • A throwback to American Idol...I can remember Simon Cowell saying over and over again: "Song Choice Is Everything." So get feedback by working with a coach tofind the right key, style and tempo that lets your voice shine. Try out 5-10 songs before you choose the 1 song that you feel really allows your voice to SHINE!!! 

How To Rehearse Your Song

  • In addition to your vocal warmup, spend 30-60 minutes drilling your song. Be able to sing your song all the way through--no stopping--at a performance level of quality for at least 2 weeks before your recording session. This way you'll make sure you can confidently hit every note in the studio with absolute certainty and passion! 

  • Study your song...every note, rhythm and lyric over and over again until you have it memorized and you are satisfied with how you sound. I have a running joke with one of the 10 year-old singers I coach, which is to sing the song 999 times to get it into peak performance shape! 

  • Record yourself singing your song every day, then listen back...carefully. Make notes on what needs to be improved and make the necessary improvements. Ask trusted musicians and your coach for their feedback. REPEAT...and keep recording it again until you LOVE every word. 

Q: How many times should you rehearse your song before you record it? 
A: As many times as it takes for you feel satisfied with how you sound.


  • The only way to create recordings you love is to record--a lot! I had to record my first song three times before I finally loved how I sounded! A great recording is the result of hours spent honing your craft in the studio. Just like learning any new skill, it takes some experience before you really get take your training wheels off.

Courage is when you feel the fear, but you do it anyway!

  • So turn your fear into the fuel that lights your passion to sing on FIRE by making it non-negotiable to move forward towards your singing goals--no matter what! Come to terms with the fact that your first few recording may not be for others to hear.Always strive for progress, not perfection. If you choose to grow from each experience in the studio, there is no failure--only lessons to learn.

  • If you want your voice to sound extraordinary, you have to raise your commitment level. Schedule your 2-hour daily practice sessions in advance. Plot out every hour of your day leading up to your recording, counting back from when you arrive at the studio.

  • Studies show that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down on a regular basis. Write down all of your specific singing goals and accomplishments every day!

  • If you have negative and critical thoughts taking over your mind, start reciting daily positive vocal affirmations in front of the mirror. Write out 10 affirmations that build you up for each day, and STOP feeding into your old, self-sabotaging thoughts. Commit to keeping a positive mindset, and you will succeed.

  • For examples of awesome singing affirmations, click here.


  • Your body is your instrument. I have worked with singers that have wondered why they could not hit their high notes, why their voice kept cracking and why they just could not belt out their money notes...and sometimes the issue is simply that they are not drinking enough water and sleeping enough for their voices to function properly! 

  • To get in peak performance shape, let's start with the basics! Know that what you do with your body in the weeks leading up to the recording is so important! These might seem like no-brainers, but you wouldn't believe the effect that feeling exhausted, dehydrated, hungover, and/or malnourished has on a singer. 

    • Get 8-9 hours of sleep for at least 3 nights before your session. Getting plenty of rest is absolutely crucial for your body and voice to recover and be at their absolute best when you record. 

    • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day for at least 3 days before your session. Your voice is the last thing to be hydrated--only after about 90 percent of your body has been hydrated! How well you are hydrated has a direct effect on your singing ability on any given day. And it takes a few days of consistent hydration to really get your voice fully hydrated. So drink up! 

    • Stay away from alcohol the week leading up to your recording! It also takes several days for the toxic effects of alcohol to clear your system. Few things wreak more havoc on your voice than alcohol--even wine. 

    • A little caffeine is OK and can make you feel more focused and boost your mood, but watch out; too much will dry out your throat!

    • Avoid greasy foods, processed foods and sugar. Also stay away from fatty foods (except for naturally fatty options, like nuts and avocado).

    • Stick to natural, healthy foods. It doesn't matter so much what you eat, as long as it falls under this category, and not the categories to avoid listed above.

    • My personal recommendation is adding a couple of green smoothies into your daily diet; For breakfast and lunch shakes, I like blending: frozen berries, bananas, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, oatmeal, avocados, spinach (yes, spinach!), almonds, cocoa powder and/or honey. 

Taking care of your body will make the difference in how recording your voice can go from sounding average to extraordinary! 

So that's how you get your voice in peak performance shape so you can sound extraordinary in every song!

You are meant to share your voice! But it's so easy to let a lack of experience, a lack of support-
-even a lack of confidence--get in the way and stop you from living your singing dream!

Preparation is key! And rest assured knowing that making an amazing recording includes a trial period of training. So stay tuned for Part 2 on what to do once you actually get in the studio!

IHMV Singer Secrets To Recording Part 1 Music Blog

When I was growing up, recording studios were not as accessible and I did not get the chance to learn how to really step up to the mic! The first time I recorded a song, it was in a large, scary booth with a producer who was expecting me to NAIL it! Needless to say, with my lack of recording experience and knowledge....this is far from what actually happened.

I wish I had the skills and knowledge back then that I have now.

This is why we have a built-in recording studio here at I Heart My Voice, where singers like you get to learn to record and capture extraordinary vocal performances you get to keep for all time! 


We offer a special 4-hour recording program that in which you receive vocal coaching, studio recording time, and a mixed pro demo of your fave cover song!

If you are ready to step up to the mic, then I can't wait to work with you! Reserve your session today! 

Much love,