When There's No Such Thing As Too Much

Many of us have been taught not to desire "too much"; to not allow ourselves to have more, now! We are conditioned to not give ourselves what we desire today, whether in our singing, our careers, or our lives.

The superstar mentality, the skills, the products, the extraordinary life and the freedom that comes with more time, money and music always just seems to be slightly out of reach  or in the near future.

What I know for sure is that suppressing our truest desires and keeping a limiting mindset is the fastest way to block our success. This is what I see most often that holds singers and entertainers back from their dreams becoming a reality.

For the longest time I allowed myself the bare minimum. The cheaper products, the more affordable coaches and the less expensive massages. I compromised quality and was always looking for a deal. I did not allow myself more.

I was fed up by the struggle of feeling like I wanted "too much" and there was never quite enough time, money or freedom.

Getting certified as a singing and success coach this year 

Getting certified as a singing and success coach this year 

When I started to say YES to myself, I discovered my true power. My WOW factor started to come to life. I started with small things, like ordering exactly what I wanted at restaurants without looking at the price tag. This built momentum for me to take a huge leap of faith.

I invested in a $15k transformational coaching certification program. After spending the past year surrounded by 200 successful women coaches, I am proud to announce that this year I am now officially a:

Certified Singing & Success Coach

I am excited to share many of the lessons I learned with you in the coming months, but today I wanted to focus on this concept:

How To Work Smarter, Not Harder. 

I used to try to do everything by myself. I used to work 7 days a week, 24/7 because I thought that by working REALLY, REALLY hard, I would succeed.

But when I realized I could not work any harder and I was actually making myself sick, I knew there had to be a different path. How does Beyonce do it? How did Madonna do it?

I studied the greats and learned to ask this simple question everyday, which sits on a Post-It on my computer screen:


Who else can have superstar singing confidence and success?

Who else can have superstar singing confidence and success?

Asking myself this question has changed everything, and I hope it helps you too. Now, I have a team around me that I trust and that makes it possible for me to live the life I only used to dream of everyday!

My "A" Team includes a:

  • Project manager for my personal artistic project who is 100% invested in my vision & emails me 20+ times a day 

  • Personal assistant who spends 2 full days at my studio running errands & handling ALL household activities.

  • Virtual Assistant who spends the other 3 days of the work week managing my coaching business online.

  • Vocal Coach who assists in keeping my voice and artistic vision in top shape.

  • Success Mentor who makes sure that I am becoming a better, up-leveled version of myself so I can hardly recognize myself every 90 days. 

  • Mastermind Group of 5 high-level, like-minded peers.

When I hire someone, I don't look for potential. I am not chasing them down hoping they will meet my deadlines. The quality, willingness and positivity has to be there to begin with. 

I surround myself with ego-less, high-vibrational people who believe in my company vision. My graphic designers, photographers, videographers, cleaning crew, etc... They are all faster, better and more efficient at the task I am hiring them to do, than I am. I don't allow for excuses and I don't allow for them to tell me that what I want cannot be done. Rather it is their job to present me with solutions. 

I can't tell you how much time I now have to focus on exactly what I want because I delegate, delegate, delegate as fast as I can.

Usually in 1 session, I can easily free up 10 hours in my clients' schedules so they can better invest in their dreams.

You see, success leaves footprints! To become the best, you have to be coached by the best. Trust me, the reason why I transformed my life is because I implemented the guidance I received from my mentors. If I could have done it alone, I would have done it years ago.
If you are ready to give yourself permission to step into your greatness, receive your desires, and live the life of your dreams--starting NOW, then give yourself the gift of being mentored.

Get coached at a high level so you can learn how to create the systems and structures that will make your WOW factor come to life and your dreams unstoppable! 

Learn how to become a TRIPLE THREAT!
1. An Artist (Freedom to hone in on your style & talent daily)
2. A Manager (Time to manage your rockin' team & brand presence)
3. A Mogul (Generate income to pay for your wildest dreams)

We all have that WOW factor in us and starts with a decision. A commitment inside your heart to up-level and "take a stand for the AND."  

Don't wait until you are fed up or until you finish doing [insert here] because the timing to up-level is always now. Growth causes you to face your fears head-on and get out of your comfort zone, no matter when you decide to do it.

Superstars, let go of limiting beliefs and be open to receiving more in every moment.

Remember, "when there is no such thing as TOO much," dreams do come true. 

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