Music Royalties 101

Music royalty convos with my sweetheart has us feeling 😎⚡ Our client asked us how she could create an abundant singing career.

We gave her our insights and feedback, kicked it off with these basics #musicroyalties101

Music Royalties 101: The Thriving Singer Mentorship at I Heart My Voice

When you write an original song and/or record it, make sure to ➡️ REGISTER IT correctly so you can track your progress, grow your fanbase ...and START EARNING!

Because every time your song is streamed, downloaded, bought or broadcast ➡️ a royalty is generated!

Here's the breakdown ⚡for registering + collecting your royalties, there are 2 halfs to consider:

1. THE COMPOSITION aka the songwriting

2. THE MASTER aka the sound recording

The Composition refers to the songwriters/musicians who wrote the lyrics, melody, chords and form.

The Master refers to the artists/singers/labels who invested their talent, time or money into creating the release-ready recording.

While there is always only ONE composition, there can be many Master recordings for one song, recorded by many artists, such as when multiple indie artists release a cover that was originally by an artist like Billie Eilish.

If you write + record your songs, you receive 💯 of the royalties! But if you are signed to a label, traditionally the label owns your Masters. Or if you are a songwriter signed with a publisher, the publisher traditionally owns 50% of your composition.

BONUS tip: There MANY TYPES OF ROYALTIES for you to investigate and not all royalties are created equal!

Here's just one example: Did you know that SPOTIFY royalties for the owner of The Master are 4-5x's times more than for owner of The Composition?

We'll be talking more about this, and the other profit pathways like licensing, touring, direct marketing and selling merch!

Because thriving musicians don't just play music, they're running a business. Right!? (wink wink)

If you’re struggling with turning your side hustle into a thriving career, we’re here to help!