How To Live Your Singing Dream

Your dream voice and career is 100% available to you...


Last week my hubby Lucas and I committed to 4 full days of high performance training in Phoenix with Brendon Burchard.

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We learned about the magic of HIGH PERFORMANCE from the world's leading performance coach who trains Grammy Award-winners and Olympic athletes, presidents and even Oprah to live their dreams.     

High Performance for Singers

Sharing 5 KILLER TIPS from the world's highest performers so you too can follow your heart and live your singing dream: 

1. OWN your DREAM: If you're not over the moon about being productive on Friday night, reading your vision out loud in the mirror is spellbinding! Say, "I Own My Dream!" and "My Dream Is To..."

Reconnect with your dream every day, see your future self living the GOOD life, and you won't feel like you have to push yourself to do the work. 

2. FLIP your FEARS: Focus on what you'll gain, instead of what you'll lose. If you're stuck in "What if I sound bad?" or "I'll miss out on Netflixing tonight if I practice",  a ninja mindset flip into "But I will GAIN courage and BE closer to achieving my goals if I do it" will flip your fears into #fierce

Wouldn't you rather know that you gave it your best and that you tried? Don't you deserve at least that? 

3. Honor the struggle: There are 2 stories in the human narrative: struggle and progress. Progress comes after struggle--they're like different chapters in your life book. Enjoy the journey and bring the joy!

4. Appnesia: when you let 2 hours go by and nothing happened on your checklist! As high performers, distractions are our enemy. Studies show if you don't check your email for the first 3 hours of the day, your performance goes up by 30%!

5. BE YOU: Believe in who you are, what you're doing, where you're going and your ability to figure things out--even if you don't know the way.

Yesterday someone in our Superstar program asked me, "What if I'm, honestly, more average? I don't have the big voice and star power that my idols have. I'm not sure if I can really be a singer."

High-performance has nothing to do with singing in front of thousands of people and shining on camera, glittered up in a high waste cutoff so tight you feel like you're suffocating. haha.

High performance is about fully engaging in our OWN energy and how we are showing up to sing every day from our TRUE identity.  

It's about being unique--that is where your art is at. Finding what comes easy to you and having the courage to do more of that. It has nothing to do with the grass being greener on the other side. It is about making space for your garden to bloom.   

Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

And now I'm taking a stand for you to SPRING into ACTION and live your singing dream TODAY.  

This is YOUR season to be:

  • Finding your voice

  • Stepping up to the mic

  • Performing on stage

  • And be HEARD and ADORED by sharing the songs in your heart

It's simply what is possible for singers like you in 2018. And the fabulous singers in our IHMV 90-Day Programs are already creating it for themselves. 

If you dare to claim it too, then I'm so excited to be your mentor and watch you grow in 2018 alongside the dozens of other bold and courageous singers I train every week who are just like you.

Let's find your dream voice and be extraordinary high performers for ourselves and others--everyday!  

 P.S. Life's too short to keep postponing your dreams. If you dare to claim your 2018 dream, I'm soo excited to guide you there and help you grow alongside dozens of other courageous singers I train just like you.

It is your time to sing, record, perform, write a song, make music videos, build your brand, create REAL fans and live your purpose!

Discover if I Heart My Voice is right for YOU! Call us at 818-687-8990 or fill out our Contact Form get yourself ready for a SUMMER of singing success!