Follow The Footsteps Of Your Heart

As a singer, it is absolutely essential to focus on finding your purpose and your voice.

This search for ourselves is truly challenging; in fact, in movies, books and myths, this is known as the hero's journey! 

I think the reason it can be so hard for us as singers to find our true calling is because we are trained from a young age to listen to other people's voices more than the true one inside us, even when it's screaming at us to do what we are called to do in life: SING! 

In December, Lady Gaga accepted the Woman Of The Year Award at Billboard's Women in Music 2015. She gave this advice to singers and parents alike:

"Support your children in making music. If they have a creative instinct, don’t ask them to deny it, because it will make them so sad and depressed. It’s part of your life destiny if you’re born with that gene. I am so grateful to my parents that they didn’t deny me my right to express myself at a young age." 

Lady Gaga Woman Of The Year Award Billboard Women in Music 2015

We let other people and the industry tell us what we are worth. They also tell us what we should be doing, what roles we should squeeze into, what we should sound like, dress like and act like. All of this serves to fill us with limiting beliefs that block us from allowing the greatness that can only come from being ourselves. 

We live our lives according to other people's expectations. 

It is time to take a note from Gaga, who definitely is NOT the good little girl who follows the rules. She has made history by marching to the beat of her own drum, and she continues to follow the footsteps of her heart. 

During her speech, Lady Gaga encouraged her fans to believe in themselves:

"We can’t expect things to be perfect. But what you can do is have the heart. No matter what, you can have the heart. And it might be hard, and it might be ruthless, and it might be the ugliest thing you ever saw. But if you want it, you can do it. It’s there."

And to those who did not believe in her, she expressed gratitude:

"I'd like to say thank you also to everyone that didn’t believe in me. Thank you. Because there was a lot of people. Probably more than believed, and you gave me a fire in my belly so strong I couldn’t wait to prove you wrong."

So, honestly: are YOU living according to your true purpose? 

Or are you living according to the plans other people have for you?

Are you listening to your heart's song and creating your dream voice? Or are you playing by outdated rules and roles from your childhood that are stopping you before you can even get started?   

Remember, if you keep doing things the same way you always have, then you will keep getting more of what you already have. 

Are you cool with that?

Or are you ready to do what you came here to do? 

Wouldn't you rather be singing, performing, creating music, sharing YOUR voice, sharing YOUR story, sharing YOUR self?