The Struggling and Settling Ends Today

Last month I hosted the Summer Spotlight, an annual workshop and showcase here at the I Heart My Voice headquarters. This event was jam-packed with tools to help vocalists sing better and dream bigger! 

We focused on how to embrace your truest desires, set specific singing goals, overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence that attracts magic opportunities, and--most importantly--how to take the action steps you NEED to create your dream to sing!

The theme that kept came up was:

"How good are you willing to let your singing career get?"

I explained just how CRUCIAL it is to develop and strengthen your mindset FIRST.

Why? So that you only think about what you're meant to do, instead of worrying constantly that you don't have the resources or time to do it now! 

I see sooo many singers allow this to be the biggest block to success. I'm here to tell you that it does not have to be that way! 

I too let my belief that I didn't have the resources for my dreams to come true stop me for years. 

But I didn't just change my belief and then magically go from wishing I had an album to actually sitting in Capitol Records and having a 2016 Top 20 college radio chart debut release the next day...


Instead, it took work. And time. I built a proper mental MINDSET, practiced setting bigger expectations and overcame my limiting beliefs. I also sought pro guidance and mentorship!

By taking action and getting coached...I did it. 

I finally created the voice, the album and even the life that I had always desired (but never thought would be possible) when I began working on my mindset and receiving proper training.

Today, the songs I used to only dream I could sing, now bring me great joy to perform with ease! The stunning vocal studio I used to only wish I could coach you from...I have now relocated into this week! (I can't wait to share more with you on this soon!)

And now? Now I want to help give YOU the training, guidance and support to help you build the voice and life that you have always desired, too!


TIME to allow yourself to be your best self and to express your art at the highest level and your fullest capacity... 

TIME to do something for YOURSELF and give your dreams a shot...

TIME to start living every day in your own freedom, feeling absolutely lit up about what you sing and who you share your voice with....

TIME to start demanding the attention that you KNOW you deserve, to be able to call your own shots and be able to live the lifestyle you want instead of feeling trapped or burnt out...

TIME to start living your life as you have always imagined it, because this is the only life we get!

And it's time to finally let your TRUE VOICE shine in the world and to live out your purpose!

Are YOU ready?

...every day! 

...every day! 

YOU are here to be fabulous, you are here to be seen and you are here to share your voice and message only you can speak. 

I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for YOU.

PS: Curious about how IHMV programs will help you make more progress on your artistic goals and develop your dream voice? You can schedule a private call with me to get all your personal questions answered!