Ed Sheeran's Best Songwriting Tip


Who inspires you? Just watched Ed Sheeran's documentary 'Songwriter', feeling super inspired to pick up my guitar and write!

Ed started out playing in the street as a teen, he played in the school orchestra, and he now jokes about his first songs not exactly being Billboard hits!

.....but he did the work not everyone is willing to do…and the rest is history!

This is what he told the students at his hometown high school about songwriting:

"Songwriting is like a dirty tap in an old house, because you switch on a dirty tap and it just spits out bad water for about 10 minutes, and there's just mud and grit and just all kinds of messiness coming out, and then it starts flowing clean water and then little bits of grit still comes out, and then after a while it's just clean.”

“When I first started writing songs they were terrible, and that was the mud and grit coming out. Now and then you'd get the odd good song, that would be the first bit of clean water coming out, and then once all the bad songs are gone, the good songs start flowing.”

“Just view it as a constant stream, try and write a song a day, even if it's terrible, because the best songs you'll write will be 5 years from now."

This is so true! Many of our clients set out to write their first song with the intention of making it a Billboard smash, but this just isn’t how it works!

And the same goes for singing. It takes years of sweat to make it look easy, but when it’s your passion you can’t imagine doing anything else! And making it look easy, whether you’re Ed Sheeran or Adele, doesn’t mean it is! It’s hard work, but soo worth it for the joy. Blisters and beauty.

It's time to write your story and fall in love with the songs in your heart. Are you in? YES or YES?

Make your music dream a part of your daily reality now. Snag your copy of my free online course: How to Find Your Unique Voice to quickly clear out the mud and grit for the good stuff to flow in 2020!