3 Steps To Breathing For Singing Success!

I want to remind you of how amazing you are.

You are here on this beautiful planet to SHARE your amazing voice and story!

Maybe you know what story you want to sing...or maybe you just know you are meant for something more. Either way, I'm here to help you expand your singing skills (and breath capacity) so that your dream voice becomes a reality and your story gets heard.

It's always good to go back and revisit the basics from time to time. So today, let's discuss the very source of your singing!

Practice your breathing by inhaling low, slowly and deeply

Practice your breathing by inhaling low, slowly and deeply

Singing is a simple and natural 3-step process that involves getting and keeping control of your breath. 

At first, creating this coordination for maximum impact can be challenging if you have been interfering with this natural process or are an inexperienced singer. 

What you are trying achieve is a steady flow of air that moves in and out of your body. Just chill, relax and get out of your own way--you will find your voice cooperating. 

Here are my 3 Steps To Breathing Success For Singers:


To activate your breath, inhale low, slow and deeply. Create space and expansion 360 degrees around and below your lungs, which means towards your ribcage, diaphragm, belly, lower back, hips and all the way to your pelvic floor. 

*Practice deep inhalation to maximize your breath capacity over time. Breathing should feel unrestricted, relaxed and never forced.


After you inhale, your breath rises up to touch your vocal cords and create sound. There should always be an efficient seal or kiss between your chords, which is called chord closure. 

*No leaking air, breathy tones or whispering! Start and end each phrase with fully-closed chords for a clean and clear tone. 


If you sing with proper support, those good vibrations should then rise above your neck and get amplified when it hits your face. To do this, keep your ribcage expanded and anchor down by engaging the same muscles you use for sit-ups. Don't overly tighten, push or pull your stomach muscles; they will automatically and naturally contract on their own.  

*Managing your breath efficiently is key. This is referred to as breath management. If you run out of air or feel like you have to push it out of you, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to take in a bigger breath. It could mean you need to learn how to better manage, support and control the release of the air. 


Try singing with an 'A' vowel from the floor

Try singing with an 'A' vowel from the floor

Lay on the floor, bend your knees and place your hand on your belly. Sing through a song with your mouth open wide with a clean and clear tone on an "A" vowel, like the "A" in "apple". Make sure that each time you inhale, your hands rise up and slowly fall to your natural resting position as you support your voice. 

So remember to breathe, and remember to get the support you need! You're amazing, and you deserve it! 

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