Branding For Singers In 2019

Dear younger self: You can become a thriving singer who makes music & money! Just wait and see, in 2019 the new music industry will make it possible for badass singers & music to flourish on the interwebs!

When I was 15 years old, I spent years searching for a record deal & manager who would make all my dreams come true. I scoured the LA Weekly, magazines + performed at every event + competition I could find. The search was exhausting…and then it happened!

I’ll save my story of my 1st record deal for another time. But looking back, I’ll say that putting my trust in others to FIND my voice & the MUSICAL jewel inside of me was nothing short of self-betrayal. And every mistake is a lesson learned.

Today, 95% of SIGNED artists flop—the days of record labels handling everything for you are over because fans want AUTHENTICITY.

Branding For Singers In 2019

Today, you’re not just a musician, you’re a brand. People want the REAL you—your integrity, honesty & transparency!

Today, you must share your music, message & promote every. single. day. Generate as much FREE content as you can with a healthy diet of posts that fans can digest. Stay top of mind!

Most importantly, since you’re running a business, just like in any other industry, you’re gonna need capital to funnel back into your business; a strategy to monetize your brand!

Do this right and you’ll start building a raving fanbase, appearing on blogs, tapping into SEO & getting paid gigs, mp3 sales, 1000’s of streams + opportunities for licensing & brands that align with your vision.

Here’s to more music, money & authenticity! I’m truly happy the industry has shifted in favor for singers to thrive in 2019…sometimes I have to pinch myself!

With the right strategy & career mentoring, your music can reach 1000’s, make the impact your heart desires and create a 6-figure income & beyond!

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