How Coachella Became Beychella

How Coachella Became Beychella by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

I'm sure you've heard...Beyoncé wasn't built in a day.

So what makes Bey the hardest working woman in showbiz? 

The 1st black woman to headline Coachella, she reimagined this desert music festival into an empowering display of artistry + dedication.

But like the rest of her career, Beychella didn’t just happen overnight.

How Beyonce prepared for Coachella 2018  by Roxie Francis at I Heart My Voice

Including months of preparation and over 115 days of daily rehearsals--some reportedly lasting 11 hours, it was Bey’s SUPER strict diet that was raved about in headlines!

Diet was the most crucial component in getting her voice and performance body back, post-pregnancy. 

That’s why I always tell my clients: 


Bey reveals her pre-Coachella rockstar diet…”I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could. What people don’t see is the sacrifice. In order for me to meet my goal, I’m limiting myself to:

Ø no bread
Ø  no carbs
Ø  no sugar
Ø  no dairy
Ø no meat
Ø no fish
Ø no alcohol

Strategically following Bey's lead, eat to fuel your voice! Be SUPER strict with what you eat the days leading up to a gig, rehearsal or recording. 

Choose whole foods that are unprocessed, easily digested, keep you hydrated and offer you energy. Click here for my blog on healthy food options, including top celebrity singer diets! 

Cheers to Bey’s pre-Coachella diet, sacrifice + food that fuels your fire! #iheartbeyoncé

Chime in with your fav diet hacks for singers in the comments below.

PS But Bey didn’t stop there, including the $8-$12 million she was paid to headline, this game-changing #ladyboss strategically signed a $60 million contract with Netflix to drop a documentary about Beychella. Watch it now! #hardestworkingwomaninshowbiz

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