Be Visible NOW

Skyrocket to success ⬆️ and quantum leap into 2020... 💫 How do we actually live our BIG singing dream? What strategy is right for your specific strengths and desires?

It can be so difficult as singers to decide which path to take and where to invest our time with never-ending to-do lists and possibilities!

Be Visible Now: Marketing For Singers at I Heart My Voice with Roxie Francis is CRUCIAL that we all do this!! BE VISIBLE NOW 👁 not later (not after you record + release your next single or you won't have anyone to sell it to)

And on the flip side of this strategy coin 👉 don't care what anyone thinks! Yes, haters gonna hate, we all know, but ask yourself honestly, do you (still) let what other people think influence what you post--or whether you post at all?

I've seen this far too often with the most brilliant, gifted, skilled, artists who let their fear of being judged by others stop them from success.

No matter what, there will always be a percentage of people who AREN'T meant to pick up what you're layin' down.

Go to any superstar of your choice's page--it's not all love! 💔 People will unfollow, unsubscribe and leave mean comments! And that does not matter unless you let it!

Here's what I'm saying: DON'T WAIT! Don't let fear, shame, guilt, excuses or worry stop you.

Your path to success is lined with fans, the people you're meant to serve through your music + message. And unless you're CONSISTENTLY showing up + sharing as your authentic self and JOURNEY to the TOP ⛰ your fans won't be able to connect with you in the online vortex that is new music industry.

Take courage and be visible. Post multiple times a week. Share candid vids. Share works in progress. Tell us what you really think because the world + your peeps LOVE you 🤗 and want to see you SHINE.

How are you showing up and sharing your voice?

PS Your fans are depending on you and your chance to thrive in the new music industry is here.

Work 1:1 with me and my team in the Thriving Singer program to step into your true artistic transformation and career success so that you can answer your highest calling! 🖐 Reach out to us for deets to get started this Fall!