3 Tips For Raving Fans!

You've seen certain unknown singers (including a few of my clients!) break out into fame and super-successful careers, seemingly overnight.

That is the power of marketing.

In addition to marketing, I have found that what it takes for a singer to go from being "just OK" to becoming a standout in the crowd comes from inner transformation: maintaining your highest vibration, unwavering self-confidence, willingness to be visible and having ZERO reservations around allowing your biggest, boldest desires and an abundance of fame and fortune to manifest in your life!

This is where the real magic happened for my superstar clients: check out my client Vic Mensa, who is now being featured on tracks with Kanye West and Skrillex--and it can happen for you!

Today I wanted to share with you some marketing tips that will help you start treating your singing like a business and attracting raving fans. 

Crafting a raving fan strategy for singers.

Crafting a raving fan strategy for singers.

TIP #1: You must be willing to be extremely visible online. 

If you want to approach industry players or find someone to invest in you, you need to grow you fanbase; it's a numbers game! And to grow your fanbase, you need to make yourself visible online. Start with social media: develop a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to begin. 

Did you know indie labels require you to have 10,000-20,000 raving fans to be signed?

Did you know that major labels require you to have at least 50,000 raving fans to be signed? 

And you need REAL fans, not just followers on Twitter or paid "Likes" on Facebook. I mean raving fans that can't wait to receive your email updates, attend your shows and purchase all of your music.

TIP #2: You also need the right branding strategy:

First, master your signature sound and get clear on what benefit your music will provide to your fans. Then, focus on crafting your image, message and music in a way that speaks directly to your fanbase. As a result, your products will be branded and ready for you to promote on your social media pages. Find out where you fans are and get your music in front of them. 

TIP #3: Consistency, consistency, consistency.

When it comes to marketing yourself online, consistency is key. Post, comment, like and share every day! Give people a reason to check in with you on a regular basis. By doing so, you develop trust with your fans. Build your fanbase by capturing your fans' email addresses and writing them an email at least once a month with exciting news about what you're doing.

What's your strategy for attracting raving fans?

What's your strategy for attracting raving fans?

Most singers stay stuck because they keep on trying to move forward without getting clarity on their strategy. If you wonder why you don't have raving fans and reviews, it's probably because you are not clear on your marketing strategy. 

What sets successful singers apart is their ability to recognize when they are stuck, when they need expert advice, and when they need to invest.

If you are ready to...

  • Become the best you possible

  • Get a massive vocal upgrade and superstar makeover

  • Design and step into your big vision

  • Put yourself in the game with a pro press kit and online marketing strategy

...Then let's talk. 

I help singers become extremely marketable by helping them create a brand with  high-end products and top-notch vocals in my I Heart Singing program

Superstars, this program is for you if you want to take your singing to the next level, attract raving fans and break into the music industry!

Discover your WOW factor as a singer!

Discover your WOW factor as a singer!

Your time and opportunity to design a life of singing and success is right NOW. Take a stand for yourself and develop your WOW factor today. 

Among my clients, the singers who have skyrocketed into fame the fastest are the ones who have held themselves to a higher standard and created their WOW factor first.  

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