3 Steps To Discover Your Signature Sound

Whether you love to sing pop, r&b or rock songs, the truth is, you can develop your signature sound in any genre of music, but you have to decide, commit and connect to a style first. 

Did you know that Katy Perry started her career as a gospel singer? Growing up in a strict evangelical family, the only music she was allowed to sing was gospel. She said this about her successful transition from releasing her first gospel album in 2001 to her hit pop album a few years later:

"I didn't know there was another world that existed beyond that. So when I left home and saw all of that, it was like, 'Omigosh, I fell down the rabbit hole and there's this whole Alice and Wonderland right there! My motto from then on was to live life to the fullest."
Katy Perry transitioned from a gospel upbringing to her more authentic pop sound.

Katy Perry transitioned from a gospel upbringing to her more authentic pop sound.

Are you ready to discover or redefine your signature sound?

Here are my 3 Steps To Discovering YOUR Signature Sound:


What style do you want to sing? By trying many different styles, you will provide the groundwork for deciphering what is easiest for you to sing (pop, r&b, jazz, rock, metal, funk, rap, blues, singer/songwriter, etc...).

For example, if you love belting and have trouble with riffing, try pop-rock songs from artists like Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson. If you love riffing but don't like to belt, try pop-r&b songs from artists like Ariana Grande. If you like to take your time sliding into notes, try the soulful pop of laid-back singer/songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

The most important thing you can do is make a decision about what specific style you want to sing. If you are having trouble deciding, work with an experienced vocal coach to find a style that emphasizes your strengths and best suits your unique talent. 


Master your new style by picking your top 3 singing idols or influences and commit yourself to learning their entire collection of songs. Be able to emulate how they use their voice. i.e. vibrato, tone, riffs, vocal cry, belt, phrasing. Once you master all of their many detailed vocal nuances, start to bring in your own melodic and rhythmic flavor.


Only sing songs that touch your heart and deliver a message that you can authentically connect with. Every song you sing should feel like it is your song, whether you wrote the lyrics or not. Record and perform to get valuable feedback, and to make sure others can also connect with your style. 


You don't have to be born with the talent to sing a certain style of music. In fact, the video link below proves that you can sing many different styles if you study the many nuances in that style. 


To find your signature sound, decide, commit and connect to a specific style and master it! 

However, as Katy Perry discovered early on, don't stay stuck singing the same songs over and over again if it no longer touches your heart.

Superstars, keep expanding, evolving and living your musical life to the fullest!

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