How To Sing Better Instantly!

Do you ever feel like something is just not working with your voice? Are you just not sounding the way you want to sing?

For that reason, I'm excited to share with you the exact vocal techniques that the best singers in the industry use to sound better...instantly!

Try these 3 steps below!

Vocal Technique: How To Sing Better Instantly!

Vocal Technique: How To Sing Better Instantly!

Step 1: Play the song you wish to sing better and hum along through the whole song.  

  • Use a comfortable, small volume. 

  • Use a clear and connected tone. Do not use a breathy tone. 

  • Use adequate breath support.

  • Manage your tension levels around your jaw and neck. Don't push or strain your body.

Step 2: Hum through the whole song 2-3 times in a row (one time is not enough!). 

Step 3: Now that your vocal cords are warmed up, stretched out and coordinated, sing the song with the lyrics. You will experience an instant increase in power, control and tone!

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